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Sistas Recap: Fatima and Zac Say 'I Love You,' But What Is Andi Doing?!

·3 min read

Things got hot and heavy all over the place on Tyler Perry’s Sistas this week, but let’s start with “Zatima.”

After passionately making love, Fatima was so moved and pleased, she started freaking out because she said she had never felt that way. Zac tried to console her when she brought up Karen, and Fatima admitted that she thought she loved him. Wanting to make sure Fatima was sure, Zac asked if she knew she loved him or not, and Fatima said she loved him, and Zac said it back.

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This was, of course, a much more romantic and calm scene than the wildness that is Andi’s love life. After arguing with Gary at her place, she lied and said she had sex with a man at a hotel. An angry Gary then called his sidepiece (new phone. Who dis?) and said he was going to meet up with her, which means he and Andi are finished now, right? Please be over.

Andi then kicked Gary out and headed back to the hotel where Robin was staying, but when she got to his room, he wasn’t alone. There was a strange and beautiful woman in his bed wearing little more than a bra and panties. A shocked and slightly hurt Andi said she would see him later and went to leave, but somehow, Robin convinced Andi to stay and even got her to come inside his room.

Robin proceeded to make out with the woman while Andi sat in a nearby chair and drank liquor and watched, and then Robin got up and walked Andi over to the bed where the woman started making out with Andi, too. The next thing you know, they were involved in a ménage à trois. Granted, it was awkward, but it was a threesome, for better or for worse.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Andi changed
Tyler Perry's Sistas, Andi changed

Wow! What is going on in Andi’s life? It’s one thing to be mad at Gary, but you don’t even know that strange lady’s name, Sis. Now you all are swapping spit and sharing Robin? Does Robin really have it like that?

Apparently, because the next day, when Andi told Fatima she hooked up with Robin and his mystery lady, she said the sexual encounter was wonderful. But Fatima cautioned that Andi should make sure she knows what she’s doing because three can be a messy, messy crowd.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Fatima and Andi angrily confronted that weirdo Hayden, who was wearing the orange sweater Fatima intentionally mentioned when Hayden eavesdropped. Andi told Hayden she had informed the partners about him listening in on Fatima’s calls, but she didn’t.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Zac at the bank
Tyler Perry's Sistas, Zac at the bank

Meanwhile, Sabrina saw Calvin at the bank and confessed to Maurice she might wear a strap-on because that’s what Calvin likes. And last but not least, Zac stunted on Sabrina at that same bank when he moved $1.4 million from his stock account to a new savings account.

But the true bombshell didn’t come until the final moments of the episode when Andi gave Fatima and Zac her blessing and a belligerent Karen stormed in after overhearing it, ready to fight Fatima. Oh, lawd!

What did you think of this week’s installment? And do you think Karen should walk away before Fatima knocks her out cold? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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