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Sheer-Yakh: Perfect Dessert For Ice Cream Lovers in Delhi

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To satisfy your sweet tooth, Pakeeza Restaurant in Delhi serves authentic Afghani Ice Cream, Sheer-Yakh. This tempting dessert is made in a traditional style in a container filled with ice and salt. Ingredients such as frozen milk, sugar and cardamoms are then added to make the ice-cream.

Nazeebullah's been making Sheer-Yakh for the past 16 years. His mother taught him the recipe in Afghanistan. He left Afghanistan 6 years ago and came to India. He's been serving authentic Afghani Ice cream here since then.

Pakeeza Restaurant offers Sheer-Yakh in a variety of flavors like Mango, Banana and Mosambi. The ice-cream is served in different shapes and sizes and is available at a price ranging from Rs 80- Rs 200.

So when are you planning to visit this place?

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