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Sharad Purnima 2021: From tithi to prasad, find out everything about the puja

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Kojagari Puja, also known as Bengal Lakshmi Puja, is celebrated on Amavasya Tithi during Diwali. The puja is also known as Sharad Purnima in several parts of the country. Kojagari Puja is carried out on a full moon day in the month of Ashwin of the Hindu calendar. It is performed in honour of Goddess Lakshmi. This year, Kojagari Puja will be celebrated on 19 October.

The Purnima tithi will begin at 07.03 pm on 19 October and end at 08.26 pm on 20 October. The time for moonrise will be at 05.20 pm on 19 October.

On 20 October, Kojagara Puja Nishta time will start from 11.41 pm and will continue till 12.31 am, a total of 51 minutes.


Sharad Purnima is that day of the year when the moon comes out with all sixteen kala(s). According to Hinduism, a human quality is associated with a certain Kala and the combination of these sixteen Kala(s) makes a perfect human being.

God Chandra is worshipped on Kojagari Puja as according to popular belief. On this day, the moon's rays heal and nourish a person's body and soul.

It is also believed that Goddess Lakshmi revolves around the Earth's orbit during this time of the year to ease the pain of her devotees. She also blesses devotees with health and wealth if they remain awake at night.

Devotees worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi on Sharad Purnima and in several parts of the country, unmarried girls also observe fast to please Lord Vishnu.

In many regions of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, this festival is known as Raas Purnima and it is believed that Lord Krishna performed the dance of divine love with his gopis on this day.

Kojagari Puja or Sharad Purnima is observed by making a sweet pudding or rice-kheer which is left in the moonlight for the entire night and is consumed as prasad by all the family members in the morning.

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