Selling Sunset: will there be a sixth series of the show?

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Could Selling Sunset season 6 be in the works? With season five getting confirmed officially, fans are already anticipating another season of our favourite glamorous reality show.

You're probably thinking: "But season 4 only just dropped?" and you're right, but as soon as it landed on Netflix, the cast confirmed that season 5 is on its way too (yay).

Since season 5 is *definitely* happening and is set to follow Chrishell and Jason's story more deeply, could a sixth season be in the works too?

Netflix first confirmed the fifth series of Selling Sunset back in March 2021, announcing that the popular show had renewed for two new seasons – seasons 4 and 5. That same month the cast took to Instagram to celebrate the beginning of production on season 4. With Mary posting a snap of the cast, with a caption that read, "We’re back baby! Selling Sunset Season 4 & 5 coming to you so so sooooon!!! ⭐️🎥"

Mary's caption suggests that series 4 and 5 were shot in conjunction (one after the other, or at the same time), so season 5 might be a matter of weeks away – which means two things... 1) Another new season to binge watch, yay! and 2) season 6 might be just around the corner too. We really hope that season 6 will get confirmed soon.

In the meantime we'll just have to binge watch all past seasons (again), while waiting for the spin-off that Jason Oppenheim recently confirmed. Yes, you did read that right – Jason confirmed that a Selling Sunset spin-off show about his Orange County-based estate agency, titled Selling the OC, is in the works.

We are still not over season 4, way too excited for season 5, and extremely hyped for the spin-off... yet we still need season 6 confirmation ASAP. Yep, we're obsessed.

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