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Sebastian Cruz Couture: Disrupting the Fashion Industry With a Different Strategy Since Day 1

The continued growth of the internet coupled with a rise in the popularity of ecommerce and social media has opened up a world of new economic opportunities for individuals and companies. And with its introduction, companies alike are fighting to get to the front and tap into this new field. One company has recently stood out from the eager masses, Sebastian Cruz Couture. The company is not just working in the fashion industry, they are shaping the market itself. In a short span of time, it is recognized as a digital stylist for people all over the world.

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Founded in 2013, Sebastian Cruz Couture started with a goal to fill a missing gap in the fashion market. The company first offered unique Hand Crochet pocket squares that perfected to be like none other. Everything they designed from the beginning, always had a utility aspect to it. The pocket squares; they always had to stay up when putting them in the jacket chest pocket. The way the company designed them guaranteed that.

The strategy and vision of the company has always been different. Since its early years, the founders had an idea that traditional runway shows such as NYFW and Paris FW would be done digitally, the way we are seeing them now. Co-founder Cesar Cruz shares that “Seasonal fashion collections also would see its way out. Finally, the fact that in the past if you were a successful brand it was measured by the amount of square footage you have… The above is not the case anymore; and we saw that coming since we started.”


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Sebastian Cruz Couture established itself as a luxury fashion house that has blended the fast-fashion approach into an eCommerce Direct-to-consumer strategy; further allowing customers to shop their items and purchase them in their custom measurements without ever having to touch or feel the products. They showed them how to wear the pieces they buy from them in many different ways from their daily looks posted on social media.

Instead of following the industry, the company did not use “models” the way old school luxury brands do. They use their customers and collaborators, as they believe that the future of models as what we have known them will completely change. One of the biggest hurdles from selling online is earning a prospects trust. They overcame this by not using models and used real customers, real testimonials, and most importantly engaging with every person commenting on their social media posts. These strategies were not done by nearly any luxury fashion house that Sebastian Cruz Couture has grown up with.

Cesar Cruz says “Finally, our mindset is designing garments for our loyal customers. We don’t focus so much on new customers. This strategy has worked out for us very well and allows us to stay true to our core value; loyalty.”

The company has future plans to scale into every product imaginable. The future of the fashion world is going to be who is able to offer everything in the custom measurements of the customer and Sebastian Cruz Couture does that. It's not easy and almost impossible for most big brands to do this, because their product has always been “runs'' and inventory. They are not set up for a “just in time model” where they design and stock fabrics and produce as orders come in. They would have to redesign their model completely; buying patterns, and trim down inefficiencies. That will happen, but in the meantime it buys us a good 3-5 years to continue to climb to the top.

As square footage becomes less and less relevant, the industry is creating an even playing field and will allow a brand like Sebastian Cruz Couture to be recognized as one of the go-to places for luxury fashion in custom measurements.

As the digital fashion climate continues to evolve, it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Sebastian Cruz Couture will be there, leading the charge.