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SADC du Haut-Saguenay becomes exclusive partner of the Sustainable Community

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The SADC du Haut Saguenay joins the Sustainable Community of Quebec, operated by Will, and will offer its customers direct access to the voluntary carbon markets (VCM).

BELOEIL, QC, March 9, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - The SADC du Haut Saguenay (SADC) is proud to announce that it has accepted the invitation of Solutions Will (Will) to join its Sustainable Community. SADC will be the exclusive partner of the Sustainable Community for the recruitment of new members in the region and aims to stimulate the achievement of more than 3 million tons of GHG reductions by 2030.

WIll Solutions Logo (CNW Group/Will Solutions)
WIll Solutions Logo (CNW Group/Will Solutions)

The SADC is launching a recruitment program for SMEs, municipalities, cooperatives and NGOs in the Saguenay and Lac St-Jean region which will facilitate the recognition of their climate actions by participating directly, through the Sustainable Community, in the monetization of their reduction efforts, on the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM). Will aggregated and quantified GHG reductions from hundreds of buildings under his first Sustainable Community in Quebec and converted them into carbon credits representing over 5.2 million tons of CO2eq. The company aims to improve its digital performance and productivity to facilitate the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of buildings into its Sustainable Communities, which will be deployed on several continents and process the billions of transactions necessary to recognize and monetize more than 100 million tons of CO2eq in the next few years.

"To achieve Will's mission and facilitate commitment to climate action by all stakeholders in society, Will has developed a hypergrowth plan. It is necessary to innovate in processes for qualifying, quantifying and verifying GHG emissions for our members. SADC Haut Saguenay's participation in the Sustainable Community is the type of partner sought, through its local presence in its tightly knit business community in the region and supported by a sincere and real commitment to Sustainable Development" said Martin Clermont, president of Will Solutions.

The partnership allows Will to obtain local recruitment capacity in the region in addition to generating business opportunities.

"We are happy to join the Sustainable Community which is an important addition to our SD program. The launch of our recruitment campaign begins now. Reducing carbon emissions has become a global priority that demands focused and urgent action from all of us, individually and collectively. We believe this new offering in the region can make an important contribution to this effort, helping customers move towards more sustainable operations. " said André Boily, general manager of the SADC Haut Saguenay.

About Solutions Will

WiLL Solutions Inc. (WiLL) is a privately owned Canadian company, BCorp. certified, headquartered in Beloeil, QC. The company is active in the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM), notably through its first Sustainable Community project in Quebec (QSC). WiLL has a social philosophy based on sharing. It is based on two major axes: democratize access to carbon credits by pooling local GHG reduction projects carried out by SMEs, municipalities and NGOs, and return as much money as possible to these partners following the sale of carbon credits by WiLL. WiLL has been carbon neutral since 2007 and is committed to returning 10% of its net profit to community projects and initiatives supporting sustainable development.

About the SADC Haut-Saguenay

The SADC du Haut-Saguenay is a non-profit organization registered in Quebec. Our field experience with organizations (SMEs, Cooperatives, NGOs and Municipalities) in our area of intervention has led us to support around sixty companies in a Sustainable Development approach. Following global trends in financing, we have implemented a project analysis approach that consists of taking into account the four components of sustainable development: economy, environment, social and governance. This so-called 360 approach is inspired by major financial groups such as Moody's. Our intervention does not stop there. Projects such as the circular economy and the digital shift are the spearheads of our Sustainable Development (SD) deployment strategy for the years to come. The partnership with Solutions Will is an opportunity for us to complete the SD cycle. The planned supply chain targeting strategy will allow organizations to turn their operations "green" and thus to contribute to the fight against climate change.

About Sustainable Community Durable
Quebec's Sustainable Community (QSC) is a project to democratize access to the voluntary carbon markets that is validated under the VCS program administered by VERRA. QSC is the first cluster project of over 1,700 projects validated under this program that aggregates GHG reductions in a one-stop-shop for its members. The community cluster business model of micro GHG reduction projects is intended to be a catalyst for local actions fostering the recruitment of a variety of stakeholders. Quebec's Sustainable Community was awarded in 2020 the Solar Impulse Label by the Swiss Foundation headed by Bertrand Piccard.

SOURCE Will Solutions


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