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Ryan Gosling’s Net Worth Just Got a Huge Bump Thanks to His ‘Barbie’ Salary

·3 min read
Ryan Gosling’s Net Worth Just Got a Huge Bump Thanks to His ‘Barbie’ Salary

Due to the amount of time I have personally spent watching and re-watching The Notebook, I can only assume Ryan Gosling is massively wealthy based on residuals alone. And...he is! Ryan has so much money he could afford several Barbie Dream Houses, and his current net worth doesn't even factor in how much he's already made this year. Though of course, his impact as Ken is literally priceless. Time to take a stroll through his salary.

^ Me looking at my bank account after finding out Ryan's net worth. The audacity.

Mickey Mouse Club Didn't Exactly Pay Well

I mean, to be clear, these kids were making more than those of us who were making approximately $0.00 doing chores for their parents. But according to Mental Floss, The Mickey Mouse Club cast got a flat free of $185 per week for about 13 weeks of filming. Like, wow Mickey. Do more. And speaking of doing more, here's Ryan doing the most:

So, What Did He Make for The Notebook?

Ryan's exact salary for The Notebook isn't known, but rumor has it he was paid around $1 million to become our collective early-aughts boyfriend. A lot more than $185 per week and a lot less than what he'd end up making for major films like La La Land and Barbie. More on that in a sec, just need to do this:

'Kay, anyway, Ryan told GQ that during his early days as an actor, he "felt my job was just to get work. I was trying to pay my rent and maybe get some health insurance." But once he started consistently landing jobs and becoming more and more successful, his goal was “just to take on roles that would challenge me." Concentrating on what challenged him still “got boring, because it was for an audience of one. Movies are also made to be watched by other people." His new goal? To look "for films that can work for us both."

La La Land Took His $$$ to Another Level

According to Forbes, Ryan earned $29 million in 2017, mostly thanks to the massive success of La La Land. This truly catapulted him to next levels of fame and earning potential, and while we don't know what he made for every movie he's starred in (like The Place Beyond the Pines, Drive, and Crazy Stupid Love), we do have some $$$ details. Ahem:

He's Making So Very Much for Barbie

Specifically, Ryan is making $12.5 million to wake up every day and do this:

Nothing Compares to His Gray Man Salary

Netflix reportedly forked over $20 million to Ryan for The Gray Man, and guess what? It's getting a sequel, so pretty sure this dude is looking at another $20 million lining his pockets in the coming years.

And speaking of money lining Ryan's pockets, THR reports he made over $7 million for The Nice Guys, and there are *also* reports he got $10 million for Blade Runner.

He Makes Money From Brand Endorsements

Okay, not only does Ryan make money for being the face of TAG Heuer (exact amount unknown, but let's assume millions), but he also ingeniously endorses them in his movies. It's, like, meta layers of earning potential.

He Just Made a Ton of Money in Real Estate

Ryan and Eva Mendes reportedly sold their Los Feliz property for $5 million in order to move to Canada full time in 2021. Just saying!!!

So, What Is Ryan Gosling's Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has $70 million in the bank. If you think that sounds low (sorry, "low") based on Ryan's per-movie salary, keep in mind that he has to pay taxes and expenses. Being a celebrity doesn't come cheap, kay?!

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