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How Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s Safe Guest Program Has Shined Throughout COVID

Royal Holiday Vacation Club
·3 min read

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Royal Holiday Vacation Club remains dedicated to keeping travelers safe during the pandemic. Their standout feature, which is the Safe Guest Program, is explicitly designed to make it less stressful for travelers to return to some level of normalcy exploring new parts around the world.

The goal of the Safe Guest Program is to add an additional perk to a growing list of benefits all members can take advantage of. It is a simple step in the right direction, and one that will continue during the duration of the pandemic.

Traveling the Safe Way

At all travel destinations, Royal Holiday Vacation Club members will see standard safeguards in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Face masks are still required in many common areas on tour buses, common areas in hotels, excursions, and more. There are also frequent temperature checks to ensure that everyone is in good health before taking off.

These checks have been streamlined so that there is less waste of time while traveling. Customers will find it a minimal inconvenience that will help keep people safer and more confident in traveling. Traveling during this time comes with some compromises, and Royal Holiday ensures that they are kept as minimal as possible.

Protection: Testing protocols and Quarantining

The Safe Guest Program in place with Royal Holiday Vacation Club helps keep everyone safe and worry-free during a pandemic. Every member can benefit from the program, and it reduces stress that many are facing when they are traveling for the first time after staying home for so long.

To travel to many parts of the world, people must produce a negative test. COVID-19 testing can be a little expensive, especially on short notice. Thanks to having the ability to work with local medical professionals, Royal Holiday Vacation Club members have a chance to get reduced rates and fast testing to speed up the traveling process.

With the Safe Guest Program, the biggest protection comes in a way to help those who do end up testing positive for COVID-19. Testing positive while traveling can be a nightmare scenario in some areas, but the safety features put in place by Royal Holiday Vacation Club make it as stress-free as possible.

To start with, the companies that work with Royal Holiday can offer a reduced rate as people quarantine. This helps offset some of the expected unexpected bills that pop up during this time. Customers can also benefit from quality medical care and frequent testing after getting cleared to travel again.

Early thoughts on the program have made many people satisfied with what Royal Holiday Vacation Club is bringing to the table. Traveling in this current environment is not perfect for anyone, but it is one of the best compromises out there. A lot of people are getting back out there and enjoying traveling again. The company hopes to continue to be a leader in keeping members safe and healthy no matter where they travel. More information on all their safety steps is found at