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Roller skating event offering lessons in Hinton

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Love to roller skate or ever wanted to learn? Challenge in the Rockies is hosting its first-ever Rolling in the Rockies in Hinton.

Following the COVID-19 lockdown, Challenge in the Rockies wanted to try something a little different, and with the increased interest in roller-skating, the event was created.

“It’s awesome to see this new sport activity making a comeback and it’s one that is for the whole family,” added Bill McDonald, Challenge in the Rockies president.

This will be a two-day event taking place on Aug. 7-8 at the Hinton Recreation Centre.

There is a two-day charge of $100 or participants can pay by the day if they can’t make both days.

Challenge in the Rockies will be bringing in trainers to teach people who have never rolled-skates before, and there will be two dance instructors coming in to teach people how to dance on their skates.

“We thought this would be a good time to bring in the basics,” said organizer Lesley McDonald.

The first day there will be lessons all throughout the day, while Challenge in the Rockies has arranged to have a DJ come in the evening to host a disco that is open to the public.

Some of the lessons that will be taking place are dancing lessons and training to teach people the basics of roller skating to newbies.

There will also be lessons in the skate park where people can learn to do tricks on their roller skates.

Another lesson that will be taught is skate maintenance, such as changing the wheels, taking care of the cushions and toe stops.

Due to COVID, organizers decided there will be no rental skates this year, so participants will have to bring their own.

Challenge in the Rockies will be having a $20,000 sports floor put in the parking lot to have some of the lessons outside.

Some of the trainers will be Cherri Blaster who is coming in from Medicine Hat. She teaches all over Alberta and British Columbia.

Livvy Skates is another trainer who is coming in from Calgary and specializes in freestyle roller dance.

Roller Darby is a young derby skater and a speed skater on ice. She was also working to be on the Team Canada Jr. team but it was canceled due to the pandemic.

“She blows everyone’s minds with what she is able to do on skates,” said Lesley McDonald.

If the first year of this event goes well and the demand is high, Challenge in the Rockies said it would likely bring it back next year.

Ali Howat, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Jasper Fitzhugh

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