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Rekt Raccoons: NFT Character Collection to be Used in a Metaverse Play to Earn Game

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Rekt Raccoons, as they are called, comprise 9968 unique and randomly generated NFT Art Pieces. People who own the pieces can race the character they own in the upcoming Rekt Racoons Race Game, a play-to-earn game. Participants will get a chance to earn cryptocurrencies.

New Braunfels, TX, USA, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Over the past couple of years, NFTs have become increasingly popular, with some costing thousands of dollars. However, Rekt Raccoons offers 9968 unique and randomly generated NFT art pieces, which can be used in upcoming play to earn Metaverse video games to make money. According to some experts, the ‘play to earn’ aspect adds another dimension to the benefit of owning NFTs that were previously untapped. According to the company, the presale of the NFTs will start in mid-October 2021, with the public launch a week after the presale closes.

To start with, presale members will be able to mint anywhere from a single right up to 20 Rekt Racoons. However, the presale has been limited to just 1000 NFTs in total. That means early birds will be able to mint up to 20, but every transaction is limited to 5 Rekt Racoons, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to buy one and preventing bots from sweeping up everything only to be sold at a higher price.

Speaking of prices, it is expected that prices will go up like all NFT tokens in recent years. However, the play-to-earn angle means that many more people will be interested, and the company foresees the prelaunch to be short mainly because of demand.

Readers can find out more about Rekt Racoons and its launch by visiting its official website Alternatively, follow their Rekt Racon NFT Twitter feed.

“Rekt Racoons is an entirely community-driven project. We have the complete roadmap available on our website for anyone interested in taking a look and understanding the direction we are taking. Furthermore, we advise you to stay active on our Discord Channel to remain updated on the latest changes. While we don’t expect any last-minute changes, but staying active gives you a leg up over those who aren’t in touch with the community.” Said a representative for Rekt Racoons.
She added, “We think that Rekt Racoons is a truly innovative approach to NFTs, and that’s the value it has to offer. Furthermore, the presale spots are still available, and we have 1000 spots to fill, so if you’re reading this, hop in our Discord, and reserve your spot today.”

About Rekt Racoons

It is a community-driven project with a team of full-time employees who continue to work until the presale and after. The company will make consistent improvements based on feedback from the Rekt community. Members of the team are active on the official Rekt Racoons Discord Channel.


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CONTACT: Name: Brandon Olson Organization: Rekt Racoons Address: 614 S Business IH 35, New Braunfels, TX 78130. USA Phone: 830-225-1400

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