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For the record

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A special episode of the soap Hollyoaks will be made with an all-black cast, writer and director but not an “all-black cast and crew”, as an article and its headline said. The same article misnamed the Channel 4 executive Kelly Webb-Lamb as “Kelly Lamb”, and mistakenly omitted the actor Tylan Grant’s they/them pronouns (It’s Hollyoaks, but now with all-black cast and crew..., 25 July).

An article misspelled the name of the racehorse trainer John Gosden as “Godsen” in the text and an image caption (Forgiveness or deselection? Newmarket divided over Matt Hancock’s political future, 25 July).

A recipe for courgette, sweetcorn and chermoula gave ingredient amounts which would generate too much chermoula sauce. So the volume for each ingredient has been reduced by approximately half in the online version of the recipe (20 best summer vegetable recipes supplement, Observer Food Monthly, 25 July).

Other recently amended articles include:

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