The real estate legacy of Gianni Versace

It has been more than 15 years since fashion designer Gianni Versace was gunned down on the steps of his Miami mansion. The King of Fashion's empire passed to his family after his death, along with a whole host of impressive properties around the world. Since then, the Versace brand has continued (albiet hardly unchanged) under Donatella's creative control and Santo's business accumen, but many of Gianni's homes have been sold. Just two years before his death, Gianni Versace purchased a huge, 35-foot-wide townhouse just off of Fifth Avenue on Manhattan's ritzy Upper East Side for $7.5M and set about renovating it to his high standard. This townhouse, at 5 East 64th Street, was redone by MSM Architects, in conjunction with the Milan-based Laboratorio Associati. The resulting extravagant interiors were complemented by a first-class art collection that included several Picassos and Roy Lichtenstein's "Blue Nude." The contents of the house were later sold at auction—with that Lichtenstein fetching upwards of $5M—and the house itself sold in 2005 for $30M to hedge fund manager Thomas Sandell.

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