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Ravi Rajapaksa's Success Story on How He Built The Nextenco for Social Media And Digital Marketing Services

From entrepreneur to brand strategist, marketer, PR expert, author, and CEO, Ravi is a pro in every field. This is his success story, how he built Nextenco for Social media and Digital marketing services.

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Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha known as Ravi Rajapaksha, a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketer, PR expert, writer, and CEO of Nextenco was born on 27 August 1996. He is considered a productive digital brand-builder for individuals and companies by several media houses. Ravi Rajapaksha has built a network of over a million Instagram followers and has a strong background in social media management. He is well known for building digital brands for high-profile clientele through social media influencers specially in Instagram, social media networks, and other media solutions.

Ravi was born with a silver spoon and his passion and burning thirst to become a high key personality transformed him to become a golden spoon as a CEO, entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketer, PR expert, and author. So he synced all his talents and passion which is traveling, where it gave an outstanding output with a lot of accomplishments. He always tried to bring something new in his contents and one could not think twice to follow him on social media handles. He is such a social media influential character who never fails to amaze his audience with creative stuff. He has been able to earn a good social media reputation for his creations through Instagram. Ravi has a great personality in the field of digital marketing space in social media handles as a tastemaker and a trendsetter.


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Marketing in social media handles has allowed so many entrepreneurs all over the world to come up with groundbreaking ideas which help them build profitable online supremacy. The era of driving to a brick-and-mortar office to work a desk job and personally be there to govern the business is over. It's no surprise that the internet has opened up countless opportunities to take your businesses to new heights where people can manage their businesses and people can get connected from every corner of the world.

As the founder of Nextenco, a marketing Company, Ravi Rajapaksha worked so hard to accelerate his business to new heights. Ravi has a strong personality with an unwavering belief in his talents and creativity. Hence he started his own PR agency by helping local businesses. He also dedicated most of his time developing himself and consequently, sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Then he expanded his territory in the business world by offering Instagram growth services to clients. With time he got very rich organic traffic where he could attract clients around the world. The brilliant and unique color in Ravi's contents has been able to attract various international clients and work as the Instagram manager of Open gate studios which is a well reputed film production company in USA.

Since then Ravi has identified Instagram as the most important social media platform to grow with time. As a young digital creator, Ravi has already reached a milestone in his digital marketing life as his new Instagram filters were gone viral all over the world by reaching more than million users within a short period of time. It briefs all the talents and creativity of Ravi Rajapaksha when it comes to creating content. With all of these achievements he could be able to build an A-list portfolio of clients who trust Ravi and his marketing agency Nextenco for all their marketing, PR, and social media needs.

Nextenco is always a results-driven marketing agency as a brand setter that creates groundbreaking brands featuring on social media platforms attracting an enormous amount of followers. Ravi as an Instagram influencer and Nextenco as a marketing company has reached new heights in the Business to consumer marketing space.

Ravi is always an unconventional thinker as a PR expert who can generate ideas that can earn the attention of people. Hence he drove his business into a new path with the idea of developing relationships with other marketing agencies that play a good role in the Instagram marketing field. PR agency also can help you to grow your online presence by getting you published in Yahoo, FOX, CBS, NBC and many more platforms in less than 24 hours. It's not a secret that Ravi and his agency has a good reputation as an Instagram influencer and a PR expert. Because of that, he could be able to join hands with other agencies who are reselling to gear his business. What Ravi strongly believes is if you perform well and do something great that at a level that your competitors will notice, they will definitely join hands with you if they cannot beat you. With all these accomplishments Ravi and his marketing agency Nextenco could be able to be a go-to agency with a rich organic traffic and Instagram followers.

Ravi disclosed some tips that he followed to make his agency a popular one

Step # 1

Keep eye on what others are doing.

This doesn't mean you to copy other's creations. But be aware of what your competitors are doing to sustain in the market. Analyze the trends, patterns, try to forecast and figure out how can you do it in a better way and do something unique to you.

What Ravi and the Nextenco team do was, followed the skyscraper blogging model. It is where you research about topics, trends, and also existing content under the topic areas your business typically covers and then try to make it according to your own unique way with high quality and better than theirs. So that you will be able to defeat your competitors by getting ideas from their own successful content and then creating a better version of it for your agency. What you should remember is to get the ideas but DO NOT COPY.

Step # 2

Always keep a goal to be the go-to person in your niche

Always be the go-to person and try to build up relationships believing that relationships are everything.

Start from the place where you are and you have gone through the toughest and worst situations to reach the place where you are now. Put some more effort be the best version of you and once you do amazing stuff which brings value to your niche the final step is to join hands with other agencies in the field and get connected. Apart from content creation be an icon where others depend on you for information and recommendations.

Step # 3

Surround yourself with the same taste or same opinion people.

It is a blessing to surround yourself with people having the same tastes and opinions who know the true value of your time and the service. If you do not have such people around you, then use your talents to build such a society around you.

Ravi put so much effort to attract like-minded people in his way to success. What Ravi followed was he spent a lot of time and effort into search engine optimization (SEO) to get him featured and have organic traffic on social media handles including Instagram. His effort was powerful enough to attract many entrepreneurs who truly needed and value these services.

You will be automatically ranked high in social media platforms at a go-to level where you receive lots of businesses from the free traffic for being a highly ranked profile with a single search on any platform. This is how Ravi and his Nextenco marketing company created an impulse and follow these steps to reach high.