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Ranking the funniest retro commercials from Live in Front of a Studio Audience

·2 min read
Ranking the funniest retro commercials from Live in Front of a Studio Audience

During Tuesday night's Live in Front of a Studio Audience telecast, you might've noticed a few ads sprinkled throughout that fit in a bit too perfectly with the classic Facts of Life and Diff'rent Strokes episodes. Turns out they were products of Live's exec producer and host Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Reynolds, and their respective production companies, Kimmelot and Maximum Effort.

"I took a DNA test recently and it turns out 20% of my body is comprised of 1980s nostalgia," Reynolds told PEOPLE. "In fact, I almost appeared as Max Headroom. Seriously."

The mind reels at what could've been had Ryan Reynolds have gone full computer-generated TV host. But what we did get was a heaping helping of retro ads starring Alfonso Ribeiro, Jennifer Beals, Bob Vila, and David Leisure.

But which of these fauxmmercials was the funniest? Let's count 'em down!

6. This is your brain on Kraft singles

Alfonso Ribeiro is a dad on a mission to make a grilled cheese in a send-up of those "This is your brain on drugs" commercials. What's really trippy, however, is that it then turns into an ad for a singles hotline complete with a phone number. Did anyone try calling it? And if so, what's the cheese tea?

retro commercials
retro commercials

5. America, the gin-iful

Reynolds narrated this spot for his own line of booze, and while he's all for a good American spirit, he warns that vodka "leaves you cold and bitter and metabolically a communist...probably."

retro commercials
retro commercials

4. Nothing comes between me and my Oscar Mayer

Ribeiro pays tribute to the iconic, if problematic, Calvin Klein Jeans ad from 1981 starring Brooke Shields. Double entendres remain firmly in tact.

Ryan Reynolds Commercials
Ryan Reynolds Commercials

3. <em>The Wait of the World</em>

"Like ketchup through the bottle, this is The Wait of the World." Alfonso Ribeiro and Jennifer Beals star in this spoof of Days of Our Lives and let's just say their long-awaited revelations live up to the ad's soap opera roots.

retro commercials
retro commercials

2. An <em>ABC AfterKool Special</em>

The Kool Aid Man is gonna Kool Aid, and that usually means devastating property damage. Enter handyman legend Bob Vila and suddenly we're in an AfterKool Special about self-care. Oh yeah.

Ryan Reynolds Commercials
Ryan Reynolds Commercials

1. Shoulder Patties!

There truly is no quicker way to my heart than an '80s businesswoman in a power blazer. If that woman is Jennifer Beals and if that power blazer's shoulder pads double as patty ovens, well, then we've got an undisputed winner of the night.

Ryan Reynolds Commercials
Ryan Reynolds Commercials

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