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Propane now available at Tudor and Cashel’s Rock Cut Variety and Grocery

·3 min read

It has been a long time coming, but the Rock Cut Variety and Grocery in Tudor and Cashel Township, finally has a propane refilling station up and ready to go. While it was approved by township council last October, it wasn’t until July 21, through a posting on their Facebook page by owner Tracey Voisin, that the propane refilling station was open and operating.

This new propane refilling station stemmed from Tudor and Cashel Township council approving a motion to allow the Rock Cut Variety and Grocery to install one at last Oct. 13 council meeting, pending TSSA approval. While Nancy Carrol, the clerk and treasurer couldn’t comment last October on the Voisin’s reasons for installing the station, she did say she could see how it would be a convenience to the community.

“Council encourages opportunity for small businesses in the area. These small businesses provide services and amenities to the residents which is of benefit to everyone,” she says.

The TSSA is a non-profit, self funded organization established in 1997, accountable to the government of Ontario, the people of Ontario and other stakeholders. They fund their operations by charging industry customers a fee for the services they provide. The TSSA manages the safety precautions that need to be in place for this service to be offered and they regulate the program. They enforce the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, and its regulations and also act as a safety advocate. They also require propane facilities to have a Risk and Safety Management Plan to ensure public safety under Ontario Regulation 211/01: Propane Storage and Handling.

Tracey Voisin, who owns and manages the Rock Cut Variety and Grocery with her husband Mark says that it has been a long haul getting the propane refilling station approved.

“That’s the longest part, going through all the little processes [with the TSSA] but she’s finally passed and we’re pumping,” she says.

Voisin says that the propane filling station was something that was useful in the area which was why they wanted to do it in the first place.

“We’re in the middle of cottage country here. When we shut the restaurant down [they initially had the house on the property there as a restaurant] then we opened up the variety store and expanded it into a full-fledged little grocery store, so we could keep open during COVID-19. The restaurant is now done other than the little food booth that we run out, usually from May 24 to the long weekend in September. So, it was just finding incomes to go on the property, something else we could utilize the space for that is a needed thing,” she says.

There have been lots of customers since the propane refilling station opened, and Voisin half jokingly says that her husband has been living in the cage where it is housed.

“The response has been really positive so far. I have a Facebook account and I just had a nice thing from Tudor and Cashel Township saying it was a wonderful addition to have to the Gilmour community,” she says. “So, they’re all quite happy about it here.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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