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What Pressing Challenges Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Face with Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing? Infiniti’s Industry Analysts Highlight and Discuss

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Increasing investment in R&D, and a steady rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases, has fueled demand for regenerative medicine. Additionally, the upsurge in M&A alliances and strategic partnerships has significantly propelled growth in regenerative medicine. However, there are various challenges with regenerative medicine manufacturing, including high and rising manufacturing expenses, the quality of designs, issues with supply chain and biomaterials.

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Four Key Challenges of Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing (Graphic: Business Wire)

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The regenerative medicine market has significant benefits for big pharma and is expected to grow significantly. Experts expect a rapid pace of development in the regenerative medicine market over the next decade. The increasing investments in R&D activities and the rising incidence of chronic diseases in the US are key factors in fueling demand. Further, strategic alliances among vendors will have a significant impact on the overall market growth and innovation. Several roadblocks to commercially viable therapies have made it challenging to deliver regenerative medicines. In their latest article, Infiniti’s industry analysts highlight some of the most critical and pressing manufacturing challenges in regenerative medicine products.

"Regenerative medicine is currently the hive of innovation in modern science with far-reaching benefits for big pharma, healthcare systems, and patient outcomes. We can expect a rapid pace of development in the US regenerative medicine market over the next decade," says a product development strategy expert at Infiniti Research.

Infiniti’s industry analysts highlighted the following four key challenges in the regenerative medicine market:

  • Manufacturing Expense: Cell therapy manufacturing processes are highly expensive

  • Design Quality: Due to obsolete technologies, the manufacture of regenerative medicine misses the opportunity to improve quality

  • Biomaterials Challenges: Due to the critical nanostructural features of regenerative medicine products, they may not be compatible with standard, top-down manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Challenges: The clinical supply chains are incredibly complex, and the resources are yet to be appropriately allocated

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