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Oxboard is the Segway’s Cooler Cousin

Zach Doell

oxboard electric transport photo

Today’s Segway comes in a dizzying array of setups, from recreational and adventure two-wheelers all the way up to no-nonsense security patrol vehicles. But for those looking for something a bit more bare bones, there’s another two-wheeler in town. 

It’s called the Oxboard. Like the Segway, it’s a self-balancing, electric personal transporter. It features room for one, draws power from lithium-ion batteries, and can zip around up to speeds of 9 mph. Unlike the Segway, it forgoes the security of a handle bar in favor of highly compact proportions, giving it more of a forward-facing electric skateboard feel.

And if you fancy a try, Oxboard will sell you one for €799 (around $871).

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Though ultimately unrelated to the Segway products, the Oxboard does benefit from similar technologies. The Oxboard’s sensors measure your body’s input, and allow you to drive forward, backward, turn, and rotate on the spot. Oxboard claims it takes around half an hour to fully master the controls.

At that point, you could be zipping all around to your heart’s content. LED lights help to illuminate the two-wheeler’s path ahead, which if fully charged could include 12 miles of driving range. When out of juice, you can pick up and carry the 22-pound electric vehicle, and later recharge it in about three hours from a wall outlet.

It may not give riders the comfort and security of a Segway, but at the price, it makes for an attractive urban alternative to speed walking.

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