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Get Your Own Personal Trainer With The Pear Pro Intelligence System

Megan Willett

This is the Pear Pro Training Intelligence System.

Why We Love It: It would be nice if we could all have a personal trainer on our daily jogs, but most of us can't. Pear Pro is a mobile training system that uses a heart rate sensor, stride sensor, earphones, and a Training Intelligence program that gives you real-time coaching as you work out.

The EarLock earphones allow you to find out your stats quickly — like average pace, calories burned, and miles traveled — by pressing a button. The Square One Sports Clip fits iPod shuffles and stores all your training data as well as customized training plans to help you reach your fitness goals.


Where To Buy: Available through Pear Sports.

Cost: $199.95, $99.95 for the Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone.

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