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Online vehicle sale ends in unexpected carjacking in Regina

Online vehicle sale ends in unexpected carjacking in Regina

The Regina Police Service is warning people to use caution when selling vehicles online after an incident in the city last week. 

On April 12, a used vehicle advertised for sale online was allegedly stolen by someone who asked to take it for a test drive.

The vehicle owner told police he was contacted by a man who said he was interested in buying the vehicle.

After discussing details with the owner, the prospective buyer allegedly entered the driver's seat and requested a test drive.

The owner handed over the keys and began to walk around the front of the vehicle to get in the passenger's seat.

The driver then drove off with the vehicle, almost hitting the owner.

According to police, people in Regina sometimes search for used vehicles being sold online in order to attempt to drive away with the vehicle, or to rob the person who posted.

Police tips on selling a vehicle online:

- Arrange to speak over the phone first.

- Back out of a meet-up if the person seems suspicious.

- Meet prospective buyers in a public place, ideally one with video surveillance.

- If possible, have another person with you.

- Tell a family member or friend where you will be and when before you go to meet up with someone.

- Take down the buyer's license plate number when they arrive at the meeting point.