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A North Korean Defector Explains Why Life In The UK Is Quite Similar To Home

Adam Taylor

NK News, one of the best sites for following the situation in North Korea, has been publishing a great series that talks to defectors from the state about their life in the country and their life since leaving.

The series — called "Ask a North Korean" — has already given us one great insight about the good side of life in North Korea, and yesterday's installment gave a new revelation just as fascinating.

In a live video, Seung-Chul, a former doctor in North Korea who moved to Bradford, UK, in 2003, gave a great explanation as to why the UK was kind of like North Korea.

Here's a transcription, via Huffington Post UK:

"I sometimes actually think how similar North Korea and the UK are.

"The regime would tell us exactly what they believed are the assets of the perfect communist state and I find a lot of those characteristics here.

"Schools are free, medical care is free, the hospital system is the same. I feel the UK fits the description of what NK officials think of as a perfect communist state.

"But we were only shown the negative side of capitalism, they said people are pathological, they are selfish, it is wanton.

"And when I came out of North Korea I could see an element of truth in that, there are poor people, homeless people in Western societies.

"Capitalism is not always good, there is still a dark side. South Koreans especially only want to show North Koreans the bright side of capitalism.

"But I think that it's important to show North Koreans the bright and the dark sides, but stress the most important factor is that they are free and open."

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