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Nord brands, including NordVPN, increased bug bounty rewards to $50K

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NordVPN now offers ethical hackers ten times bigger cash rewards than before

LONDON, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordVPN, a leading virtual network provider, increased its bug bounty rewards by ten times on the HackerOne platform. Ethical hackers who report unknown critical vulnerabilities now can expect US$50,000 or more. The bug bounty program applies to other related Nord brands, including NordPass, NordLocker, and NordLayer.

“Our mission is to ensure a private and secure internet for everyone. And we want to encourage ethical hackers around the globe to help us in this mission. At the same time, we are confident in our product and make sure it constantly evolves. That is why we increased the price and are willing to pay even more if critical issues are found,” says Marijus Briedis, Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN.

Bug bounty programs allow companies to leverage the hacker community to continuously improve their systems’ security posture over time. NordVPN launched its bug bounty back in December 2019 and was one of the first VPN providers to do so. As the product family expanded, the program was extended to NordPass, a next-generation password manager, NordLocker, an encryption-powered data security solution, and NordLayer, a cybersecurity solution for business, in March 2021.

Nord’s bug bounty program is implemented via the HackerOne platform, which connects businesses with penetration testers and security researchers. “NordVPN uses a managed service from HackerOne, which helps us progress in better program design and bug management and provides us with additional support running our program from end to end,” Marijus Briedis explains.

NordVPN was the first VPN provider to implement the WireGuard® protocol, which helps to ensure connection speed and security. All the company’s regular servers are RAM-based, which means that no information is stored locally. Furthermore, NordVPN routinely has its services evaluated by a third party and provides 24/7 customer support.


NordVPN is the world’s most advanced VPN service provider used by over 14 million internet users worldwide. NordVPN provides double VPN encryption, malware blocking, and Onion Over VPN. The product is very user-friendly, offers one of the best prices on the market, has over 5,000 servers in 60 countries worldwide, and is P2P-friendly. One of the key features of NordVPN is the zero-log policy. For more information:


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