9 nutso buildings disguised to look like other things

Headquarters of the Longaberger Company

Whatever the reason—kooky cartoon obsessions, a subconscious adoration for trousers, what have you—there seems to have no shortage of buildings dressed in, well, decidedly non-architectural attire. Take, for instance, the Longaberger Company headquarters in Newark, Ohio, which is housed in what appears to be a giant picnic basket. The building, which weighs about 8,000 tons and covers more than 180,000 square feet, is no subtle homage to the picnic wares the company sells, but rather a blatant, colossal replica of a Longaberger bestseller, the Medium Market Basket. Neat? Heck yeah. Practical? Not really, no. The handles alone weigh 150 tons and have to be heated to keep ice from forming. Below: more ridiculous buildings in disguise, including a pub dressed as a sea monster and China's now-infamous blue jeans tower.


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