Newly Launched Identity Theft Protection Company, ID360, Provides Comprehensive Investigative and Recovery Services

ID360 offers a team of highly trained recovery specialists and a national network of former law enforcement and prosecution professionals

MAHWAH, N.J., March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As identity theft continues to rise, reliable solutions are needed to mitigate the often far-reaching impact on victims. ID360 is a newly launched company that goes beyond identifying potential identity fraud—it offers comprehensive investigative and recovery services to resolve these matters.


The N.J.-based company is comprised of highly trained recovery specialists and a national network of former federal, state and local law enforcement professionals and former prosecutors who have worked in the public and private sectors. ID360 offers its service directly to employers, associations and other groups, which then offer the service to their constituents.

After a victim of identity fraud becomes aware of the problem, they often are left to fend for themselves to restore their identity. Remediating an individual's identity can take about six months or 200 hours, often requires the victim to take time off from work or resolve their issues during the work day, and frequently requires a depth of knowledge typically not possessed by the average victim. Having experienced professionals to execute the recovery saves time and offers peace of mind. ID360 performs the legwork to restore a member's identity so they can continue regular activities.

"Organizations that offer ID360 give their employees or members comfort and an all-inclusive solution to a widespread problem. Our service also boosts the company's bottom line as a whole by preventing otherwise lengthy work-time interruptions," said Jim LaPiedra, CEO and President of ID360 and a former Deputy Inspector with the NYPD and former security executive with a global financial institution.

Dan Russo is the COO and General Counsel of ID360 and a former partner in one of the world's largest law firms where he represented one of the national credit bureaus. He addressed credit monitoring, which many companies offer to individuals whose identities were compromised due to a data breach.  "Credit monitoring is merely a tool that may detect new account fraud but will miss some of the most problematic types, including tax refund fraud, criminal identity fraud and medical identity fraud," he said.   

"But no matter the type, after becoming aware of the issue the victim then is faced with the daunting question of 'Now what?'  An efficient and effective response is critical.  ID360 fills a real void in the marketplace because we handle the matter for our members utilizing a limited power of attorney.  This frees up their time for work and family rather than spending countless hours in call queues with multiple agencies or creditors or both."

"We are a real benefit to employers as well, because we know that employees have little choice but to attempt to navigate through the maze of red tape during working hours," Russo added.     

According to a recent Javelin Strategy & Research report, identity fraud increased by more than one million victims in 2012. Last year, criminals took $21 billion from 12.6 million Americans—the highest amount since 2009. Every three seconds, a person's identity is stolen.

About ID360
Based in Mahwah, N.J., ID360 is an identity protection company that provides extensive educations to its members on identity theft avoidance and detection and undertakes investigative and recovery efforts for its members in cases of identity fraud. Drawing upon a multidisciplinary team of legal, law enforcement and investigative professionals, ID360 handles all aspects of identity theft restoration. The service is available to individuals through employers, associations and other group offerings. Visit to learn more.

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