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When the NC GOP amplifies Mark Robinson’s LGBTQ messages, here’s what happens

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Mark Robinson

Regarding “NC Lt. Gov. Robinson calls straight couples ‘superior’ to gays in sermon, video shows,” (Nov. 21):

A 2020 UCLA Williams Institute report found that LGBTQ people were almost four times as likely to be victims of violent crime. Earlier this year, Jenna Franks, a transgender woman, was brutally murdered in Onslow County, her body dumped in a creek. Her devastated mom and sisters have pleaded for compassion. Instead, Republican leadership has amplified Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s statements, inspiring more intolerance of, and violence against, LGBTQ community members. Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20) honored those killed in anti-transgender acts of violence. Let it serve as a reminder to vote hateful Republicans like Robinson out of office.

Shelley Allen, Holden Beach

Biden’s plan

In cutting his social welfare bill from $3.5 trillion to “only” $1.75 trillion, Joe Biden claimed it would make the U.S. more competitive. But dependency of the populace on government only weakens our country.

The “transformation” that Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and cohorts are talking about for our country in the so-called “Build Back Better” bill is their continuing transformation from a strong country with strong, independent people working together to a weaker country and populace, divided by the Democrats into little segments evermore dependent on them.

Thomas Shute, Raleigh

A steady president

I disagree with those who’ve been polled and rated President Biden’s performance as poor. I think he is doing a good job, addressing things that need to be addressed, without theatrics. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was going to be messy in any event and needed to be done sooner than later. Biden is not a socialist. He is not moving too fast. He is not moving too slow. He is doing everything he can to answer the supply chain bottlenecks. I’m delighted that we have a person in that job who is willing to actually work for us.

Nancy Hardin, Chapel Hill

US gun laws

If every U.S. state had laws which actually did prevent minors from possessing firearms, teenager Kyle Rittenhouse would not now be facing a life of guilt and sorrow after the Kenosha deaths. We failed this 17-year-old by enabling him to walk into a crowd with an AR-style semi-automatic weapon. What were we thinking?

R. A. Haskell, Chapel Hill

Judicial system

The writer is a federal inmate.

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse was not because our judicial system works, as President Biden said. It was because the television coverage of the trial kept the judge fair and video of the incident prevented the prosecution from exaggerating or fabricating the facts.

Sadly, in most other cases those two protections are not available for the accused, which is one of the reasons we have more people in prison in America than any other country — and too many of them are wrongly convicted or plead guilty even when they’re not because they know that the system often doesn’t work.

Joe Jordan, Butner

Marine vaccines

I was appalled to read that nearly 10,000 Marines have not received COVID-19 vaccinations. I don’t recall being asked which shots I wanted when I joined and had to pass through a a gauntlet of Navy corpsmen with injection guns. Likewise when I was sent to Vietnam or deployed on a training exercise to Eastern Europe. Semper Fidelis means “Always Faithful” — to your country, Corps and those in a position to give you orders. And, it means being faithful to your fellow Marines, with whom you share crowded barracks, ships and sometimes foxholes. Any anti-vaxxers should be punished for disobeying orders and disciplined accordingly.

Robert Brown, Cary


I approve of the infrastructure bill. For those who travel outside the U.S., we often see our airports and roads put to shame.

I remember 10 years ago traveling to China. The airports were new and in great shape. Streets were paved well. The bullet train was comfy and fast. This is true in many European countries as well. I felt saddened that my great country couldn’t find the funds to keep our infrastructure going. Maybe we all had a few extra dollars in our pockets from tax cuts, but sometimes we all have to contribute together to make big things happen.

I sure want to have some of those bridges repaired, too.

Janice Woychik, Chapel Hill

Unpaved land

I applaud Ted Van Dyk for speaking out about the loss of unpaved land. (Nov. 12 Opinion)

If unchecked, the density of high rises and their accompanying asphalt will result in the Triangle suffering the catastrophe that Houston and other cities have experienced. When there isn’t enough soil to absorb storm water, flooding is inevitable.

A related issue: Cary has a beautiful regional library, but it is dwarfed by its new high-rise neighbors. The library’s once well-lit parking deck is almost dark now.

As long as the automobile has a higher priority than the health of our planet and its inhabitants, we’re in trouble.

Sarah Almblad, Cary

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