NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc. Offers Lock Down Solutions To Keep Students Safe As Mass Shooting Epidemic Continues

AMITYVILLE, N.Y., May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Just one week after New Year's Day 2013 as the entire country looked forward to a fresh start, a school shooting occurred in Fort Myers, FL leaving one young man dead. Three days later, another school shooting in Taft, CA and five days later two more in St. Louis, Missouri and Hazard, Kentucky. Following that, more than 30 shootings occurred in schools across the country leaving 26 students dead and another 35 wounded. Enter 2014, another fresh start and another 7 students dead, and 32 wounded. Since 2000, there have been 150 shootings resulting in 181 deaths. Why is this still happening? And how can we stop it?  

Richard L. Soloway, noted security expert and Chairman of NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc. (NSSC) (333 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701 [631] 842-9400 notes that "all of these school shootings could have been stopped or severely limited by controlling the shooter's initial and continued access into the school with weapons and ammunition."  He has compiled a list of security measures and manufactured "LocDown Solutions" that can be used to keep children safe at school:

  • NAPCO has created a School Access-Control Vulnerability Index (S.A.V.I.) Audit and Dealer Certification process to access how susceptible a school facility is to a mass shooting attack. This audit process is the first step.
  • Front entrance access – should be the only point of entry for the building and a system to check ID, especially for visitors, should be put in place.
  • Access to classrooms – intruder locks of some sort should be present on all classroom doors. These locks are unique in that a school official can lock the door from inside the classroom without opening the door. NAPCO offers several types of "LocDown Solutions" in this category including basic mechanical classroom locking solutions, electronic standalone locking solutions and wireless network locking solutions.
  • Emergency notification and lock-down – all schools should have the ability to notify police and/or lock-down the school at any time.
  • Real-time video monitoring – this system, coupled with an up-to-date floor plan of the facility enable police to remotely monitor the whereabouts of the shooter and develop and action plan.
  • School Security Professionals Association – Soloway is also calling for the creation of an association that would bring together, on a national basis, education officials and security companies/integrators to oversee and manage a standardized security system across all schools nationwide.

Other tips that schools may implement immediately include:

  • Teach students and teachers what to do in an emergency situation.
  • Maintain one main entry lobby and reception area staffed with trained personnel. Require mandatory guest registration including the guests name, who they are meeting with, and time in and out.
  • Implement a temporary badging system to track ALL visitors and service people. Whether it's a wearable "Visitors Sticker" that literally fades out in a given time period or a physical badge which is only temporarily valid for a particular duration of time, per your access system's scheduling program, a specific program must be in place and security staff must be trained to screen all atypical personnel in the premises.
  • Have open communication with local police departments. The principal of the school can make sure that local police and fire departments have been to the school prior to any emergency to know the layout of the school. This can be done two times in a school year to keep police and fire departments updated as per the layout.
  • Distribute ID badge or register credentials for all permanent, official school occupants including teachers, staff and students.
  • Keep school doors closed and locked from the outside at all times during the school day.

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