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MyCharge can charge your laptop in 100 minutes and support VR devices

Keith Nelson Jr.
At CE Week, Digital Trends spoke with representatives of portable power bank solution company MyCharge about its summer lineup of new portable chargers for virtual reality devices and Macbooks.

As the number of devices we use in our daily life expands beyond cell phones to encompass fitness trackers, tablets, and even virtual reality headsets, there’s an inherent need to keep the charge going as life goes on. Digital Trends spoke with portable power bank maker MyCharge at CE Week about the company’s litany of new chargers set to be released later this summer. These products can charge multiple devices at once, protect your phone while charging, and even charge a Macbook in 100 minutes.

The Razor Platinum is the company’s first and only portable charger which supports USB-C cords. MyCharge promises the Razor Platinum will be able to charge a Macbook in 100 minutes, nearly an hour quicker than the average Macbook charger.

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Virtual reality can be draining not just to your eyes, but to your phone’s battery as well. The MyCharge VR latches onto the side of the Samsung Gear VR and plugs directly into your cell phone while you’re surfing through VR. The charger provides four hours of playtime before a single bit of your phone battery is drained in VR. The charger’s cylindrical shape resembles a roll of camera film, making it easy to fit in your pocket.

The PowerGear Sport charger pulls double duty as a portable charging case which holds and charges your devices on the go, so you’re not fumbling around with wires. The PowerGear Sport has a USB port inside the case that can work with any USB cord for charging everything from fitness-tracking devices to cell phones. The charger is a bit bulky, making it suitable for excursions which require extended time away from power outlets while using your phone.

These three products are set to be in retail stores and online in August. You can check out MyCharge’s full inventory of portable chargers at the company’s official website.