Mustang GT Plays Cop, Leaving Dodge Charger SRT in Pursuit

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It rules the Dragstrip!

In an unusual but captivating turn of events at the local quarter-mile drag strip, a custom-made police car, a 1988 Ford Mustang GT, dictated the law of speed, leaving behind a trail of smoke and a powerful Dodge Charger SRT in hot pursuit. Turning the cliché of police cars chasing speedsters on its head, this Mustang, resplendent in its unique police livery, brought a new kind of justice to the asphalt – one where speed and style reigned supreme.

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Decorated with emblems such as ‘Behind Bars Race Cars’ and ‘Street Racing Prevention Unit,’ the Mustang GT carried not just the aesthetics but also the aura of law enforcement. However, the law it was there to enforce was purely that of adrenaline-fueled racing within the safe and sanctioned confines of the Byron Dragway.


This isn’t a regular Fox Body Mustang GT. Beneath the hood, the car boasts a freshly revamped 347ci (5.0-liter) V8 engine, equipped with a potent shot of nitrous. Massive rear tires complement the powerful engine, ensuring that this mock police cruiser is fully equipped to lay down the law on the drag strip.

In a gripping face-off, the Mustang was challenged by a formidable opponent, a modern muscle classic, the Dodge Charger SRT 392 R/T Scat Pack. A behemoth in its own right, the Charger carries a 6.4-liter engine capable of unleashing 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. Yet, in this clash of titans, the Charger found itself chasing the tail lights of the Mustang, a sight rarely seen on the streets but made possible on the battleground of the drag strip.

The Mustang, in its authoritative guise, clearly showed up with one mission: to dominate the quarter-mile. And dominate it did, reigning supreme in a pair of exhilarating races, proving that when it comes to the drag strip, it’s not just about raw power, but also the spirit of racing and the allure of style. And so, in this realm where rubber meets road, the ‘police’ Mustang GT upheld the law of speed, leaving competitors, including the mighty Charger SRT, in awe and pursuit of its blazing trail.

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