Mustang Driver Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $2,500 Worth of Viral Stanley Tumblers

mustang trunk full of stanley cups
Mustang Driver Arrested for Stealing Stanley CupsCity of Roseville, California Police Department

A woman was arrested in California last week after police searched her Ford Mustang and found nearly $2500 worth of Stanley products, authorities say.

The alleged theft took place on January 17 in Rocklin, California. Staff at a retail store called police when they noticed a woman leaving the store with a shopping cart full of water bottles that had not been paid for. The woman was pulled over on a nearby highway and a search of her car uncovered the stolen goods, police say.

Staff at the retail store confronted the woman but she refused to stop. Once she was in the parking lot, she began to load the popular Stanely cups into her Mustang and proceeded to drive away. An officer from the City of Roseville, California Police Department spotted the suspect as she entered Highway 65. The officer stopped the car, and a search revealed the 65 pieces of stolen goods. A 23-year-old Sacramento woman was arrested and charged with grand theft.


Stanley cup products have been around since 1913. However, their popularity has soared since around 2019 when their insulated tumblers started making the rounds on various social media outlets. Stanley has been savvy with its social media marketing approach. Recently the company went viral when its CEO promised to buy a new car for a customer whose car was destroyed by fire, but had a Stanley cup that survived the burn.

The popularity of these products is leading people to go to extremes to obtain them. Some folks will wait in line for hours to purchase a highly coveted model. Other folks make far less intelligent decisions, such as loading up their Mustang with dozens of stolen cups.

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