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How much did it cost to buy a home in Sloughhouse/Rancho Murieta/Wilton, CA in the last two weeks?

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The median price per square foot for a home in Sloughhouse/Rancho Murieta/Wilton in the last two weeks was $297. That’s $15 less than the Sacramento County median.

The most expensive community in Sacramento County is East Sacramento, where the median price per square foot in the past two weeks was $516.

The best deal can be found in The Delta, where the median price per square foot of a home sold is $279.

In the past two weeks, a 2,201 square foot home on Puerto Drive in Sloughhouse/Rancho Murieta/Wilton sold for $655,000.

The figures in this text is based on sales registered during the week of November 15th.

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