How a Movement Was Started: On a New App Called Clubhouse

Roaming the virtual audio chat rooms of Clubhouse and stumbling into a conversation about the intricacies of investing and the mindset of thinking rich.

A room led by Manny Fernandez, Silicon Valley Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur. During the 23 days, 24 hours per day of this virtual room, 58,000 people tuned in, spending an average of 11 hours listening and engaging.

More than 1,800 speakers participated in a conversation entitled, "Our mindset: are we thinking poor, middle class, or rich?"

Speakers included:

Tori Spelling, Actress, known for her role in 90210

John Legere, Former CEO, T-Mobile


Dane Cook, Comedian/Actor/Musician who sold out Madison Square Garden Zab Judah, 6x World Champion Boxer

Tim Storey, Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur

Manny Fernandez, the first Latino investor on nationwide TV, best-selling author, featured on CNBC's Squawk Box and in Forbes and Inc.

After just a few months on Clubhouse, Manny Fernandez has over 50K followers and is in the Top 200 among 20 million users. "There has never been a way to ask your favorite celebrity a one on one question before," said Fernandez.

This type of access granted from Clubhouse is unprecedented because interacting with these celebrities, athletes, and business leaders would be virtually impossible without contacting their agent or with a Tweet that may or may not be answered. As the audience member, you can ask questions in real-time and shift their mindset in the process.

Clubhouse, one of the hottest apps on the market, has grown to more than 20 million users and is still on the rise.

In the app, people share their stories, connect with others, and find answers to their questions. The app couldn't have come at a better time, launched in April of 2020 when people around the world were home and craving human connection during the global pandemic.

Fernandez opened this chat room as an experiment to only stay open for 30 minutes. To his surprise, more than 1200 people from all around the world joined in the conversation; because of the room's success, he decided to leave it open. He built a community of leaders and emerging leaders to keep the room running for over two weeks.

Members of the community continue to return day after day, where Fernandez pops in and addresses issues of investing, long-term planning, reducing consumerism, and entrepreneurship.

This room serves an audience made up of positive-minded people, those aspiring to grow in business and life. Speakers and Panelists are giving wisdom, strategic and practical knowledge about how to lead a rich life, build a business with strong teams, and form partnerships to reach goals faster.

New leaders practice their communication, listen to motivational lessons from powerful stories, and hear how to tell their own stories, and be a positive force and impact in their communities.