The most hipster mobile home in Europe

Have a look at Wheel House, the avant garde home-in-the-round designed and built for a pair of globe trotting acrobats and their ultra hipster, steam punky circus performance. The Wheel House—a 25-minute show produced by Europe's Acrojou Circus Theatre—follows the adventures of a pair of idiosyncratic vagabonds living in their rolling house in a wheel, a hand-built abode complete with clattering tea kettles, open windows, pseudo 19th-century ephemera, and even a bed, outfitted with belted straps so the the resident doesn't, you know, tumble to the ground with every rotation.

As the protagonists tumble over each other to urge the wheel ever-forward, the story gets told and the audience paces alongside the action. Detail shots of the house, below.


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