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MojitoSwap Launches Bar and Wine Pools for High MJT Earnings via Staking and Liquidity Provision

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HONG KONG, October 28, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MojitoSwap, a KCC-based decentralized exchange (DEX), has officially launched the Bar and Wine pool, adding staking and liquidity providing functions to the ecosystem. Users can obtain MJT via staking and liquidity provision and engage in building MojitoSwap in a more decentralized way. MojitoSwap was developed by a group of KCS community members, aiming to offer easy access to the KCC DeFi ecosystem.

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MojitoSwap Launches Bar and Wine Pools (Graphic: Business Wire)

According to the official announcements, the Trading function of MojitoSwap made its debut in mid-October 2021, when 1,000,000 MJT, the native token of the platform, were airdropped to 32,279 addresses to reward the community. This time, MojitoSwap opened more diversified access for its participants to earn high MJT rewards via Bar and Wine pools.

Bar is a liquidity pool that enables liquidity providers to earn MJT tokens on the MojitoSwap. So far, users can access three liquidity pools: MJT-KCS, MJT-USDT, and KCS-USDT. More liquidity pools with enriched token pairs can be anticipated in the future.

Wine Pool provides an easier way for users to obtain token rewards by staking MJT. Currently, stakers can choose from a simple or compound staking pool. A compound staking pool will automatically re-invest your MJT earnings for higher rewards. Whereas a simple staking pool requires participants to manually withdraw their profit when the staking ends.

According to the official news, the total supply of MJT is 100,000,000, amongst which 75% of tokens will be minted via staking and liquidity pools. The current average daily supply of MJT is 86,400, with a 20% reduction every 180 days. You can also check out the official announcement of MojitoSwap ( for more details.

In addition, MojiSwap launched the "Info" dashboard to keep users updated with the latest statistics and news in terms of tokens, trading pairs, and liquidity.

Beyond the launch of Bar and Wine Pool, MojitoSwap is developing more entertaining functions such as Cocktail Tickets and NFTs to enrich the overall ecosystem of the DEX.

About MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap is a DEX developed by a group of KCS community members, and it aims to offer easy access to the KCC DeFi ecosystem. The team behind MojitoSwap consists of technical experts who previously worked for large Internet enterprises with rich experience in blockchain development, senior research analysts who are deeply engaged in multiple blockchain projects and have an in-depth understanding of the DeFi ecosystem, HODLers, and early investors of BTC and ETH. To learn more about MojitoSwap, please visit:

About KCC

KCC is a public chain project initiated and built by the developer community of KCS and KuCoin, aiming to solve the network latency and high gas fee of Ethereum. It is Ethereum-based and compatible with EVM and smart contracts to provide community users and developers with a higher-speed, more convenient, and lower-cost blockchain experience.

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