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MMG Real Estate Advisors Offers a Distinctively Different Approach to National Real Estate Investing

KANSAS CITY, MO / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2022 / MMG Real Estate Advisors exemplifies the success that a company can achieve when its founders offer a service that caters to the actual needs of clients. Both of its founders, Michael Sullivan and Alex Blagojevich started out as competitors. Alex built his own team up in Chicago and was able to transition capital into midwest markets at a highly effective rate. Michael offered a more bespoke approach that was all about providing the client with intimate, local market knowledge and white-glove personal service. They had different approaches but shared one feature in common - they were more interested in building and maintaining a relationship with the client rather than just seeing the dollar signs when it came to a single transaction.

The idea of combining forces took hold when a client informed them that he was not giving his business to either one of them, but instead suggested that the combination of their efforts could potentially create something truly unique. They ignored the idea at first, but when another client also suggested the same, the concept took hold and created the basis for what would later become the foundation of a thriving company. Focused on an advisory approach instead of a transactional relationship with clients, their partnership started back in 2011. Blagojevich and Sullivan worked together for a decade at several larger brokerage firms until corporate limitations and internal agendas ultimately hindered their ability to best serve their clients. Together, they set up on their own platform to offer a truly bespoke approach to serve their clients better, which is how MMG came into being in January 2021, at the height of the global pandemic. The firm has quickly grown from an initial team of 5 to a national team of 70, and they've closed almost 150 deals worth several billion dollars in just two short years.

Historically, real estate firms are transactional in nature and as a result, limited in scope. Traditional firms follow a siloed approach with agents focusing on individual deals in their own territories and competing fiercely with each other to close as many deals as possible-often to the detriment of the client.

Commenting on what makes the firm different from other players in this sector, Michael Sullivan, Co-founder and Executive Managing Director of MMG said, "For other firms, the relationship with the client begins and ends with the property deal. For us, the transaction is only a part of the ongoing relationship we have with the client. Local realtors cannot offer information on properties outside their area to investors, while we can advise them on properties anywhere in the United States. Our goal is to help them allocate their investment in the most optimal manner by opening up access to properties all over the country so that they get the best return on their investment. We follow a very customized approach. What works for one investor will not work for another one."


At MMG, the client takes center stage. Investors can range from individual high-net worth individuals and families to pension and investment funds seeking to place capital into alternative assets on a nationwide basis. The focus is on developing a long-term relationship without geographic limitations and sourcing the best deals across the nation based on the specific requirements of each clients' unique project. Clients do not have to engage with multiple brokers to invest in different locations or asset classes and can liaise with a single advisor to get exactly what they are looking for. The firm's centralized platform links all the advisors so that they can pool information and resources in real time and get the support they need to focus on the customer. Collaboration and cooperation take precedence over competition, as they put their clients at the center of operations.

"We view the marketplace as one, collective space and operate as one, unified team across it," explains Co-Founder and Executive Managing Director Alex Blagojevich. "This combination of macro perspective and collaborative approach allows us to remain unencumbered by submarket ‘norms' and to see what is possible as opposed to what has happened before. Every firm that we worked at had a sandbox approach that in the long run did not necessarily offer the best returns to the investors. As part of our boutique advisory service, we hold their hands through the entire cycle of property investment. Though we would like to take credit for our unique approach, all we did was listen to our clients and develop a solution that catered to their needs."

About MMG

MMG is a real estate advisory firm that focuses exclusively on the disposition of multifamily properties through a customer centric, strategic and collaborative approach.

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Name: Joy Martin
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SOURCE: MMG Real Estate Advisors

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