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How Michigan Native & Serial Entrepreneur Erin Woodward Became A Start-Up Success

Erin Woodward is a go-getter and used her gumption and drive to build up a massively successful business portfolio in under ten years. Woodward has started multiple businesses from the ground up and has seen herself grow from a small unknown start-up, to a rapidly growing enterprise. Within 7 years she opened 3 brick-and-mortar businesses, with exponential growth, and impressive profit margins. “For me, it’s about the sustainability of my lifestyle that drives me to do what I do.”

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A small-town girl from Michigan, now living and working between Kentucky and Tennessee, Woodward earned her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services, then embarked on a 15-year career in the financial services industry. Around 2015, Woodward decided to make a change. “I would say to myself, I can be certainly unhappy, or happily uncertain, and I chose the latter.” Woodward met her business partner during her financial services career, he was in the audience of a presentation she gave. The two hit it off, and became business partners.

When Woodward decided to let go of the corporate world, she jumped into founding a start-up business to try and live the lifestyle she always wanted to. Woodward took on the role of President and Co-Founder of a start-up medical toxicology lab. Once that was established, she opened a body contouring clinic, Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting then a skincare business, HydraFacial BG.


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Woodward shares some core tenants she focused on in her journey:

  • Find the perfect partner - Team up with someone willing to challenge your thinking, who has the same appetite for going all in.

  • Find the right mindset - You must be willing to risk everything and still fail. “Uncertainty is only as palpable as your ability to trust in yourself and the processes you put in place,” Erin Woodward.

  • Do not worry about the things that do not matter - Woodward stresses that it is important to really define what is a real concern and what is nonsensical, and then develop action plans addressing legitimate concerns. Conserve your emotional energy to focus on what matters.

  • Recognize your own limitations - Own what you know and admit when you need help and pass the torch to someone who might have more experience or be more effective.

  • Narrow versus broad markets - Define a narrow market, however, keep your eyes open to ways to grow and expand within that market.

  • Remain customer-centric - Do not forget that you are working to provide a service to others. “We all make up the same marketplace, so by taking the time to act with compassion, transparency, and humility, we’re collectively raising the bar and enhancing the quality of life across the board,” Erin Woodward.

  • Do not forget to celebrate along the way – Woodward emphasizes maintaining joy through the startup process. Waiting until the end of the line to celebrate makes no sense, in business there often is no clear definition of the end.

Woodward celebrates her success and focuses on her heart’s passions in many ways, she loves spending time with her goldendoodle, loves to travel, and has traveled the world 6.1 times, hosts fundraisers for wildlife research, animal conservation, children, and human welfare. Along with her husband, business partner, and love of her life, Brandon, she documents the travels on their website,, through their philanthropy, the couple was named in the top 8 In the world as international and travel influencers of 2018.

Woodward found her path to success the unconventional way and through the power of perseverance, hard work, and determination she has become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs out there.