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This Marked-Down Shampoo Transforms Dull Grays Into Gleaming Highlights

·2 min read
This Marked-Down Shampoo Transforms Dull Grays Into Gleaming Highlights
This Marked-Down Shampoo Transforms Dull Grays Into Gleaming Highlights

Johner Images/Getty Images

The pandemic illuminated many things (how many days I can go without showering, for example, and how many kisses my cats will tolerate before leaving the room), but it's safe to say almost no one's hair came out shinier than before. The exception? Gray-haired shoppers who turned to tinted shampoos for a boost while on hiatus from the salon, and found Matrix's currently-on-sale Total Results So Silver Color Depositing Purple Shampoo.

This genius formula has earned 20,000 five-star Amazon ratings and 1,000+ happy reviews, among them more than 100 that mention the staggering impact it has on "dishwater gray" hair. Within a single wash, dull, frizzy strands graduate to silvery, shiny, bright threads, since the purple hue uses color theory to balance out lackluster yellow tones. And thanks to the moisturizing formula, the dryness that often accompanies grays quickly vanishes.

"As I've gotten older, I've inevitably gotten grayer. I don't mind the color, but I have minded the coarseness that comes with it," one shopper writes. "Well, not anymore. My soft hair is back. Not sure what magic they've bottled here, but it works great." On top of restoring their hair's beloved silky texture, others note that the formula smells wonderful - and despite the brass-countering color, doesn't stain a thing (a crucial factor if you follow other shoppers' advice and use it as a 30-minute mask).

Amazon Prime Deals for Beauty 2021
Amazon Prime Deals for Beauty 2021


Shop now: $12 (Originally $17);

The shampoo comes recommended by hairstylists for brightening and works so well that it convinces some stylists their gray-haired clients are cheating on them with other professionals. Even those in the blonde range see impressive results: Using it once a week keeps blonde hair shining, fetching compliments from strangers while out and about. Those with brown hair also benefit, according to a shopper with "drab, dead" brownish-gray hair who saw their color transition into a rich, lustrous shade.

Addictive, yet not problematic - it's no wonder that reviewers say they've stuck with the formula for 10 years and counting, especially because the shampoo's always under $20. Amazon Prime Day sees that price sink even lower, placing it at $12 for shine in a bottle. Christina Aguilera could never, and if you got that reference, it might be time to buy a bottle for yourself.

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