Mark Zuckerberg put some very personal (and creepy) touches on the poke app

Mark Zuckerberg usually leaves the coding to the plebes. He's a CEO now, b- you know the rest. Anyway, he's CEO now. But it turns out he put some very personal touches on Facebook's new Poke app, his company's answer to Snapchat.

TechCrunch reports the CEO came down from his throne to actually code some of Poke himself. "Poking," as originally included in Facebook 1.0, was a Zuckerberg original idea. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat but were rebuffed, so Zuck decided to do it himself. The app was thrown together in less than two weeks. This is what they decided on for a sound alert. Click here for soundfile.
Which is, according to TechCrunch, Zuckerberg's actual voice. He recorded it on his phone and the whole team thought it was hilarious, ran it through some filters, and put it in the app.

So every time you use poke to send a sext, know that the other person is hearing Mark Zuckerberg's voice when they get your explicit pic. Still aroused?

Some people are a little grossed out about the new development:

    I just...can't: Mark Zuckerberg said to be the voice behind Poke alert SO creepy
    — Callie Schweitzer (@cschweitz) December 22, 2012

    ugh now Poke is ruined because everytime y'all poke me i hear that Zuck voice and cringe :(
    — Lindsey Weber (@lindseyweber) December 22, 2012

Cringe, indeed.