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Man makes rasgulla chaat with spices and tamarind chutney; internet users cringe

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India is home to a variety of cuisines, with various food combinations made through experimentation. One such recipe that is doing the rounds on social media is rasgulla chaat and internet users are apparently not happy with this experiment. The dish takes one of India's most favorite desserts, rasgulla and combines it with ingredients of a typical chaat, creating a combination of sweet and savory.

The one-minute long video was shared by a user on Twitter.

Watch the video here -

The Twitter video was posted with the caption €" "We are doomed. Rasgulla chaat." Since the video has been shared, the clip has garnered more than 85,000 views with thousands of users retweeting the video as well.

The clip shows the entire preparation procedure of rasgulla chaat. Firstly, two white rasgullas are taken from a jar and are cut into half. The sugar syrup is drained entirely from the rasgullas, making them dry. Salt and red chilli is sprinkled on the rasgullas. Then, tamarind chutney and yoghurt is poured on them. The dish is then garnished with chopped raisins and almonds and is all ready to be served.

The entire process of making rasgulla chaat was similar to that of preparing any other common chaat except that the main ingredient of this dish was a sweet rasgulla.

The Internet is not really happy with this combination and has termed it as bizarre. Some also wrote hilarious comments under the video. Some social media users tweeted that cheese and butter should also be added to this dish.

Other asked that why was there no green chutney added to this chaat dish.

A few people said dishes like these were proof that humanity was moving further away from god.

Rasgulla chaat is not the only weird food combination that the country has. Recently, a video of butter chicken golgappas went viral on Twitter and people had also registered their disappointment in this combination, saying that this fusion was actually a crime. Other strange food combinations that broke the Internet recently include Maggi milkshakes and mango ice cream chaat.


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