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An accordion player 'killed and chopped up' friend who insulted his musical skill


An accordion row in Russia led to murder (Rex)

A Russian musician is facing murder charges after killing a friend in a drunken row about the accordion.

The 63-year-old allegedly hit the 66-year-old victim with a crowbar then a sledgehammer.

The vicious attack took place in a village some 350 miles east of Moscow.

It happened after the alleged murderer had been insulted by the victim over his accordion-playing skills

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After killing his friend, the man had the problem of what to do with the corpse.

After three days, he decided to cut up the body using an axe and then hid the different parts in rubbish bags, but they were found by refuse collectors, reported the Moscow Times.

Officers were then able to establish who the victim was and who they thought was the perpetrator.

By that time he had fled to a nearby village and when the police found him he managed to hold them for several hours using just a pitchfork.

He later surrendered to officers and admitted the murder, reported the Times.