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Man becomes first person ever to use prosthetic tattoo gun arm

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A French tattoo artist has become the world’s first person to use a prosthetic tattoo gun arm.

JC Sheitan Tenet lost his right arm below the elbow when he was 10 years old. Now, decades later, he’s a thriving tattoo artist and a Guinness World Records recipient for being the first prosthetic tattoo gun user.

“I lost a right hand,” Tenet told Newsflare in 2016. “When you’re younger, you adapt very quickly. It was not very difficult to become a lefty. When you don’t have a choice you just have to do it.”

There aren’t many tattoo artists with disabilities because the job traditionally requires two hands. Still, Tenet managed to get his start by tattooing his legs, then his friends.

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“You become a tattooist by tattooing,” Tenet told Newsflare. “Even now I’m still learning.”

Tenet was a fan of French artist and engineer Jean-Louis Gonzalez, AKA Gonzal. Gonzal is famous within the tattoo community for his “mechanized taxidermies” and his familiarity with machines.

Together, the duo designed and built a prototype that combined a prosthetic arm with pieces from sewing machines and record players to create the ideal tattoo gun.

The result is a prosthetic arm with a built-in tattoo needle. The arm is capable of moving 360 degrees during wear and is as lightweight as possible.

While the prosthetic arm has increased Tenet’s popularity, he still says his customers are more interested in his art. His advice to aspiring tattooists is to practice.

“If you want to be a tattoo artist, you just have to draw, draw and draw again,” he said. “Never give up. Once you’re in, it’s a very, very fabulous job.”

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