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How local students voted

·8 min read

Southeast Saskatchewan’s three ridings, Cannington, Melville-Saltcoats and Moosomin were well represented in the CIVIX Student Vote Saskatchewan 2020 that happened on October 23.


Of the 624 votes cast by students in the Moosomin riding, Steven Bonk of the Saskatchewan Party received 407 votes, making their seat safe with 65.22 per cent of the vote. Ken Burton and the NDP could only secure 19.07 per cent of the vote, but Marjorie Graham and the Saskatchewan Green Party only convinced 9.94 per cent of voting students to cast their vote for them and Frank Serfas of the PC Party of Saskatchewan had a poor showing of 5.77 per cent.

Broadview School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 20

NDP, 5

Saskatchewan Green Party, 5

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 2

Dr. Isman Elementary votes

Saskatchewan Party, 27

NDP, 16

Saskatchewan Green Party, 4

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 2

Grenfell Elementary Community School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 40

NDP, 8

Saskatchewan Green Party, 8

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 6

Kennedy Langbank School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 9

NDP, 4

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 3

Saskatchewan Green Party, 0

Kipling School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 128

NDP, 28

Saskatchewan Green Party, 23

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 11

MacLeod School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 58

NDP, 13

Saskatchewan Green Party, 7

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 2

Rocanville School votes

NDP, 8

Saskatchewan Party, 7

Saskatchewan Green Party, 2

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 1

Wapella School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 21

NDP, 4

Saskatchewan Green Party, 1

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 1

Whitewood School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 97

NDP, 33

Saskatchewan Green Party, 12

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 8

Jamie Busche who teaches fourth and fifth grade over at Grenfell Elementary was very happy with how the day and events leading up to the vote played out.

“It went so good. We did it last year as well for the federal election. The kids were so engaged and very interested. They had lots of really good questions. We asked would you recommend it to other schools, and they all said yes,” said Busche.

She was not at all surprised by the Sask Party win.

“It is a farming community and there are a lot of family roots in the Sask Party,” said Busche.

Kayla Czerwonka and her eighth grade social studies class ran the show in Kipling.

“It was really awesome. The grade eight class was in charge of organizing the vote and they went around to classes and with COVID-19, we have to be very careful, so they wore their masks and gloves and they went out to classes and made sure that everyone from grade five to 12 was able to vote. They explained to everyone how to vote and went through the process of selecting the person on the ballot and placing the ballot in the box as you normally would,” said Czerwonka.

Principal Nathan Bromm’s Rocanville School gave the NDP their only win as they received one vote more than the Sask Party.

“We had two classes participate. We had our grade 7 and 8 classes, but we did some learning beforehand. We did some activities just learning about the election process. I teach the grade 8 class and part of the curriculum is learning about Canadian citizenship and identity and rights and responsibilities so, having the vote this year actually ties into that curriculum,” said Bromm.

The narrow victory for the NDP in Rocanville does keep pace with the overall vote from student across the province.

“If you look at the results from CIVIX you see that there are more NDP seats selected by the students in general than by adults in the actual election,” said Bromm.


Saskatchewan Party’s Daryl Harrison took 334 of the 570 votes cast by students securing him 58.60 per cent of the vote and a seat in government. Wes Smith gave the Buffalo Party its only showing in the Southeast with 20.18 per cent of the vote while Jaina Forrest and the Saskatchewan Green Party picked up 12.11 per cent and the NDP and Dianne Twietmeyer having their poorest showing in the region at 9.12 per cent of the vote.

Carievale Elementary votes

Saskatchewan Party, 37

Buffalo Party, 21

Saskatchewan Green Party, 7

NDP, 1

Carnduff Education Complex votes

Saskatchewan Party, 109

Buffalo Party, 54

Saskatchewan Green Party, 19

NDP, 19

Gordon F. Kells High School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 87

Saskatchewan Green Party, 29

NDP, 21

Buffalo Party, 9

Manor School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 13

Buffalo Party, 7

NDP, 3

Saskatchewan Green Party, 2

Maryfield School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 14

Buffalo Party, 12

Saskatchewan Green Party, 2

NDP, 0

Oxbow Prarie Horizons

Saskatchewan Party, 23

Saskatchewan Green Party, 4

NDP, 2

Buffalo Party, 1

Redvers School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 51

Buffalo Party, 11

Saskatchewan Green Party, 6

NDP, 6

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Darcie Howe who teaches social studies over at Gordon F Kells High School felt it best to use the online voting option.

“Most of the time we do a regular election, but this year due to COVID-19 we decided to do the online thing. I did get some of my grade 10 students to make a video to show kids how they would’ve voted,” said Howe.

The presentation included information on the different party platforms.

“They were the ones that took a look at all the parties and prepared something to show the rest of the school about what the parties had to say,” said Howe.

Over at Oxbow Prairie Horizons, Carie Crossman who teaches grade eight social studies, had a small but passionate few kids cast their vote.

“It was good. I only did it with 35 students, we studied the election and then learned how to do it and we learned about the parties and I just did it with my classes I did not do it school-wide,” said Crossman.

Carnduff Education Complex’s Trevor Geiger saw this election as a way to teach students about their civic duty.

“We have done it for a couple of the past elections, provincial and federal. I think it is an important aspect for students to become aware of their responsibilities. We have the right to vote, but we also have the responsibility to utilize that vote,” said Geiger.


In the Melville-Saltcoats riding, 251 students cast ballots. 141 voted for Warren Kaeding and gave the Sask Party 56 per cent of the votes. The NDP and Bonnie Galenzoski only secured 23.90 per cent of the student vote while Jack Powless of the Saskatchewan Green Party received 11.55 per cent of the vote and Trever Ratti of the PC Party of Saskatchewan only took 8.37 per cent of the vote.

Churchbridge Public School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 13

NDP, 4

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 1

Saskatchewan Green Party, 0

Davidson School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 24

NDP, 20

Saskatchewan Green Party, 7

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 0

Grayson School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 9

NDP, 4

Saskatchewan Green Party, 1

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 0

Langenburg High School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 11

NDP, 3

Saskatchewan Green Party, 0

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 0

Macdonald School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 37

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 15

Saskatchewan Green Party, 10

NDP, 7

Saltcoats School votes

Saskatchewan Party, 47

NDP, 22

Saskatchewan Green Party, 11

PC Party of Saskatchewan, 5

At Davidson School, Karielle Willner who ran the election said that the results are what se expected.

“(The election) was different because of COVID-19, but the results in the end were pretty typical based on how our school usually votes,” said Willner.

Almost all students at MacDonald School participated in some form of the election.

“We had grade three through nine participate in the actual student vote, but our grade one and two class also did their own version of student vote. They elected a class mascot,” said Karen Hovind.

Hovind feels that it is important to instill the habit of voting earl.

“The sooner we get students understanding how our government works and understanding the processes the more adults we will see take part in voting later,” said Hovind.

Grayson School’s John Muir was excited that CIVIX chose a question that came from his school to add to the questions asked to the party leaders.

“CIVIX was asking for questions to give to the party leaders, and leaders sent out video responses and we were one of five questions that got picked out of the entire province,” said Muir.

The question was related to health care.

“How are you going to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone in all regions remote of city?” said Muir.

Langenburg High school’s Fallon Prince had the grade 12 class vote.

“I did it with my grade 12 social studies class, it was awesome,” said Prince.

After the results came in, it did spark some conversation.

“We just went through the results today and compared it to the actual election and we had really awesome discussions,” said Prince.

The students did seem to grasp their responsibility in the future.

“One kid said that if there was to be any change, it is going to be with young people,” said Prince.

Victor van der Merwe, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator