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Letters: A sports columnist reflects one year after George Floyd's death

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Damarra Atkins paid her respects to George Floyd at a mural at George Floyd Square, Friday, April 23, 2021, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
Damarra Atkins paid her respects to George Floyd at a mural at George Floyd Square on April 23 in Minneapolis. (Julio Cortez / Associated Press)

I come to praise Plaschke, not to tarnish him.

Some may think his take on race is a mistake, and they are welcome to their opinion. Not predicting a win is not a sin.

His style gives this loyal reader a smile. His human interest stories about a player's strife gives us a better understanding of the athlete's life.

His knowledge of sports is vast and often unsurpassed.

Reading his columns will put you in store for more than simply reporting a score.

Being an advocate for social justice at the L.A. Times these last 25 years truly deserves cheers.

Mark Sherwin

Los Angeles


As a subscriber for 40-odd years, I have stuck with The Times. Informative, entertaining, occasionally infuriating — always worth it. Moved away to take care of aging family, subscribed online.

Never felt compelled to write a letter.

As an old white guy, I can finally wholeheartedly agree with Plaschke and his article about George Floyd.

Robert Wilson

Federal Way, Wash.


As a longtime subscriber to The Times and sports fan, having followed the likes of Jim Murray and Bill Plaschke, Bill's column on this topic is, by far, the best thing I've ever read in the sports section and should be a wake-up call to every white person in America.

Alan Schuchman

Culver City


Plaschke writes that because of the pandemic, he was locked in his house in front of the TV screen and the Floyd video was seared into him thus awakening in him an empathy and understanding for the Black plight he’d often ignored from Black athletes he’s covered over his career.

That’s like saying, as I walked along the dark ocean shore, I heard a person yelling for help in the water but I couldn’t see them so I kept walking.

Thanks but no thanks, Bill.

Rod Lawrence

Los Angeles

Phil’s thrills

In winning the PGA Championship, Phil Mickelson must’ve been thinking about the lyrics to that hit song by Toby Keith: “I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.”

Richard Turnage



Phil Mickelson's win at age 50 should give Tiger Woods some extra incentive to do the same.

Vaughn Hardenberg



Brooks Koepka personified one of golf’s oldest adages at the PGA, when all of his weightlifting and scowling couldn’t help him when he missed putts from five feet all day long. Drive for show, putt for dough. More than once I could see Al Czervik taunting Judge Smails again: “Hey Smails, a thousand bucks you miss that putt! “

Kevin H. Park

Westlake Village


I see that the PGA allowed the golfers to ground their clubs in the sand traps last weekend. I fine it very surprising that Patrick Reed did so poorly it the tournament.

Bill Piercy

Long Beach

Here’s an idea

It’s time for the Angels to trade Mike Trout to the Dodgers. The Angels aren’t going anywhere and Trout is at his max trade value.

The Angels would get prospects like pitcher Gray, catcher Ruiz, outfielder McKinstry … players that the Angels can build their team around. The Dodgers outfield would be Betts, Bellinger, Trout — good for about three years.

Trades are to help both teams and players. Trout would get his chance to play for a winner, be in playoffs and World Series. Prospects can start now, Angels fans will go to heaven and Dodgers fans will just grin.

Jim Yahiro


Not optimistic

Before the season began, a billboard for the Clippers claimed that the team values “We Over Me.” After seeing recent comments of key players, the slogan appears to take “Me” off the hook.

Jonathan Chute

Palos Verdes Estates


Clippers fans aren’t fatalistic about their team. They’re simply resigned to the fact that the entire organization, from players on and off the court to coaching, management and ownership, just don’t seem to have whatever it takes to at least get to the conference finals, let alone field a championship team. Not necessarily a curse at all — just a mismatch of various elements.

Looks like the team is on its way to a first-round exit. Not likely that Dallas will lose its two games at home.

So kiss this year’s team goodbye and hold your breath to see what comes next.

Eric Marchese

Fountain Valley

Let’s see what’s in the paper

It has been said the sports section is the toy department of the newspaper, but I never thought I would see a reference to Jack in the Box in your weekend letters, as I did on May 23.

Whether Albert Pujols remains with the Dodgers for the rest of the season (I like the low-risk signing) or not, I don’t think he will be flippin’ burgers any time soon.

Ken Feldman



Did all the Angels writers quit? Or get fired? Yesterday, a day game, the Angels won 9-8 against the Texas Rangers. I know because I was there in attendance. The Times never miss coverage on a dismal Angels loss, but this was a nail-biting at the end, feel good win. The only Angels coverage was the sad news about Mickey Callaway. Even the weather news got half a page on B6.

Lisa M. Inoue

Marina del Rey


I wish Eric Sondheimer’s article about Jay’len Carter of Manual Arts High had been placed on the front page with the prom article, instead of the bottom of one of the sports pages. This young man knows what is important in life and I hope he can continue to keep his eyes on the prize the rest of his life.

Anna Kozaki

Redondo Beach


Backward section Sports the printing stop please you would?

Joel Nelson



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