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Letters to the Editor: Confusion leaves too many behind on COVID vaccines.

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Left behind

We as a nation have had a problem getting appointments for the COVID virus vaccines since they became available that has not been made public. The powers that be assume everyone has access to a computer and knows how to use it to access vaccine appointments. The web sites can be confusing and not always user friendly. It is sheer arrogance to make these assumptions and neglect some of our most vulnerable citizens. Many older people live alone on limited incomes and cannot afford a computer or internet access or worse, never used a computer. Many are vision impaired. Many don’t have younger family members living close by who can help. What about homeless people? Don’t they need vaccines too? What about families and people living in shelters due to home loss or abuse? What about people who don’t have broadband access yet in rural areas?

It infuriates me to see these vulnerable people not receiving needed medical care in a wealthy country like ours. Those living in assisted living or senior homes had the vaccines brought in to them, but we have neighbors, friends, and church members who aren’t so lucky.

This glaring omission is costing lives. Let’s find a solution.

Diane Kuharik, Lexington

Not ‘a gift’

Jacob Heil today got a tremendous gift from this jury, and I pray that he uses it wisely,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Lou Anna Red Corn said.”

Red Corn is wrong. Juries do not give gifts. Juries give verdicts.

The Heil jury listened to the testimony, deliberated for several hours, and returned a verdict.

That is called justice.

Anne Vincent Ferguson, Danville

Juvenile system

I read John Cheves’ article on the condition at our juvenile justice facilities with anger but unlike many, I was not surprised. I worked in the state’s most secure facility for adjudicated girls for 25 years, retiring in 2004 as a facilities regional administrator with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

For some perspective, Kentucky was put under a federal consent decree in 1996 for policies and procedures regarding the use of isolation/lockdown. Kentucky was released from that decree under the guidance of Dr. Ralph Kelly, who reformed policies/practices, giving much needed raises and putting TREATMENT front and center. Kentucky rose to national recognition for its successful treatment model in working with adjudicated delinquents.

Fast forward to the Gov. Ernie Fletcher era of putting up concertina wire and training staff in the use of handcuffs and Aikido control techniques. The home-like atmosphere that had been carefully cultivated was slowly replaced with adult quasi-policing practices. We were no longer allowed to take youth into the community for therapeutic work or socialization.

Now as Commissioner Vicki Reed takes the helm, I am hopeful for the youth of Kentucky. Reed will instill practices that are appropriate for juveniles in our care. The system will not change overnight, and I won’t be surprised if we end up under another federal consent decree.

Cheryl Barber, Versailles

Save democracy

I am respectfully asking Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to vote for Democrats in the 2022 and 2024 elections, up and down ballots.

Everyone’s vote is the difference between maintaining and improving our democracy or a fast tracking descent into patriarchal, authoritarian, autocracy with dictatorship.

And I think deep down in their bones and gut, everyone knows that.

The traditional Republican Party no longer exists. Decades ago, the GOP started campaigning on voter intimidation/suppression/purging and gerrymandering/redistricting so it could select its voters permanently rather than voters choosing our representatives.

For those who consider themselves Trumpist Republicans, take a look at the white males running the entire party, the political crime syndicate of the former president who just issued a statement that people should not vote in upcoming elections if his claims that the 2020 elections were based on fraud aren’t resolved.

Donald Trump’s claims of election rigging, fraud can’t be resolved because there isn’t any evidence of it -- during a pandemic, the United States had the largest, most secure 2020 elections that a democracy can celebrate.

We can keep celebrating through upcoming elections if we, all of us, turn out as a country to keep our democracy.

It’s just that simple.

Ramona Rush, Lexington

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