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Lawyer of wife of ‘El Chapo’ called Univision journalist an ‘idiot’ on live television

Sonia Osorio
·2 min read

The lawyer who represents the wife of “El Chapo” Guzmán, Jeffrey Lichtman, called a journalist an “idiot” during a live interview. The lawyer repeatedly responded aggressively when asked if Emma Coronel Aispuro had surrendered to the United States authorities.

Lichtman described journalist Satcha Pretto of Univision’s morning show “Despierta América” with that word when she asked him if he was working pro bono or being paid for his legal services.

The lawyer said, “It’s obvious that I am paid or do you think it is what, a charity? That I wake up in the morning and fulfill my profession, that I have been doing during these 30 years at a very high level? I would like to be paid, you are paid for your work...You are worth some money, so imagine that I am worth some money, too.”

Pretto replied that she was paid but not for defending drug traffickers, that she received a salary for informing her audience and considered it valid to ask the question.

The lawyer got upset and asked her if she was suggesting that by representing a person who is accused of a crime in the United States, he was part of that accusation.

“You are an idiot, just being paid to defend the case does not mean that I am part of the cartel. You are an idiot if you suggest that I am ...An idiot, an idiot,” repeated Lichtman. After telling Lichtman he was disrepecting her, the journalist decided to end the interview.

Lichtman, a criminal lawyer from New York, was also upset when the journalist asked who the twins of Emma Coronel and “El Chapo” Guzmán are with: “I’m not going to tell you.”

He also declined to comment on what he has discussed with the Sinaloa cartel drug trafficker, arguing that they are confidential conversations he has with his client.

He claimed that international media has published false reports about Emma Coronel, who was arrested on Feb. 22 in the United States for her alleged involvement in drug trafficking, according to the Department of Justice.

The lawyer said that agents leaked information that the woman would be cooperating with the United States government, something that he said could endanger her life and the lives of her daughters because in Mexico the families of the people who collaborate “sometimes get their throats slit.”

He explained that Emma Coronel is in a cold cell, alone, with a thin blanket and she can only bathe twice a week.

“Tell me if that sounds like someone who is cooperating with the government and if they would treat you that way. Come to your own conclusion, ” he said.

He also asserted that the US government committed a horrible crime against Emma Coronel, 31, just because she is the wife of the Mexican drug lord.