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Latteno’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Mekonza Corp. Receives 66 Containers Purchase Order from Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export Co.

Up to $30mil in revenues in 2013 could be expected from this large order and pending orders

SANTA ANA, CA - Latteno Food Corp. (OTC:LATF) today announced that it wholly-owned subsidiary Mekonza Corp. has received a purchase order from Vietnam-based Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export Co. for 66 seafood containers. This monster-size order along with pending orders could be worth up to $30,000,000 in potential revenue for 2013. PO details are outline as below:

1. PI no 89: VANNAMEI-CPDTO, 26-30, 12OZ X 12 - 3 CONT-Aus-Oct

2. PI no 90: VANNAMEI-CPDTO, 41-60, 12OZ X 30 - 18 CONT-Aus-Oct

3. PI no 91: VANNAMEI-CPDTO, 70-90, 12OZ X 24 - 9 CONT-Aus-Oct

4. PI no 92: VANNAMEI-CPD, 100-150, 12OZ X 24 - 3 CONT-Aus-Oct

5. PI no 93: VANNAMEI-HLSO EZP, 31-40, 12OZ X 24 -9 CONT-Aus-Oct

6. PI no 94: VANNAMEI-CPDTO, 35-45, 24OZ X 14 - 3 CONT-Aus-Oct

7. PI no 95: VANNAMEI-RPDTO, 26-30, 12OZ X 12 - 3 CONT-Aus-Oct

8. PI no 96: VANNAMEI-RPDTO, 40-60, 12OZ X 24 - 9 CONT-Aus-Oct

9. PI no 97: VANNAMEI-RPD, 60-80, 12OZ X 18 - 9 CONT-Aus-Oct

"We are pleased to receive this first major order from our partner, Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export Co.," stated Thu Le, Chief Executive Officer. "This order, with many more to come, is a testament to our excellent customer service and quality products that we've been providing to our clients since our inception".

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Latteno Food Corp. is an investment portfolio company that acquires food products, medical marijuana edibles and related products/services to enhance their growth and development. The company builds revenues and asset value through a model of continuous growth, income from or sale of its portfolio holdings, and product licensing or distribution agreements.

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Headquartered in Southern California since 2006, Global Trading Group (GTG) started out as a luxury/exotic car exporter and eventually branched out into seafood importing which came about Mekonza Seafood. The variety of seafood products we offer has allowed us to be an innovator in product development. The diversity of our products allows us to be the next force-to-be-reckon-with in the seafood industry. Mekonza has grown from a small one-man operation to one of the West Coast's most innovative and well-equipped seafood importing and processing companies. With outstanding customer service as our secret sauce and key ingredient, we're on our way to be the industry's leader committed to achieve the highest possible standards in quality, service to our clients, suppliers and investors.

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