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Lamborghini Aventador Roadster goes topless for $382,000

Justin Hyde

The least surprising fact about the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster unveiled today by the Italian supercar maker is that it exists as all; there's no better lure for the bro-money set than a topless, 700-hp car. The most surprising fact might be how little Lamborghini had to do to create a convertible version, which has more in common with the T-tops of yore than other modern roadsters.

Or, you know, an American convertible for a ninth the price

Lamborghini says the new Aventador Roadster's roof is a two-piece bit of carbon fiber that can be folded up and stored under the hood -- eliminating the need for some kind of weight-adding power droptop. That design choice did require a new rear deck and the addition of a power rear window, which can drop even when the roof is in place for those who want to hear the V-12 snort and nothing else. There's also a new folding windscreen for the top of the windshield to keep those high-dollar coiffures intact at speed.

Like an Italian bikini, the roof of the Aventador was never much to begin with, and its removal doesn't change the overall shape of the carbon-fiber bull. There's a few new shiny bits as well, such as special 21-inch wheels and a shade of light blue similar to what Lamborghini used on the 1968 Miura roadster. All of which will arrive in your driveway for prices starting at $382,000, give or take several thousand depending on currency changes.

Given how stiff the Aventador rides as a coupe, chopping a hole in the roof should not have hurt its driving dynamics much. But the owners of the 1,300 Aventadors sold so far worldwide didn't buy them because of their speed or handling; they bought them to be noticed -- a goal that only grows more likely with the top off.

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