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Khloe Kardashian criticised over resurfaced Halloween photo showing her posing with Black women on leashes

·4 min read

Khloe Kardashian has been criticised for a resurfaced photo, taken on Halloween, where she appeared to dress up as a “pimp” and posed with four Black women on a leash.

The old photo of the 38-year-old reality star was shared in a Reddit community called KUWTKsnark, which is dedicated to Kardashian-Jenner family news and drama.

In the post, one reddit user wrote, ‘Let’s never forget *this* happened,” along with a photo of four Black women wearing a white tank top and underwear. They all also had blue collars, with a silver chains attached to it, around their necks.

The women in the picture included actor Megan Good, her sister, La’Myia Good, and two of Kardashian’s close friends, twins Malika and Khadijah Haqq.

Kardashian could be seen in the middle of the four women, as she wore a matching set of blue pants and a blazer, paired with a white tank top. She also had a white hat and gold necklaces on, one of which featured the dollar sign, while held the leashes that were attached to the women next to her.

As of 5 July, the post has more than 898 upvotes, with Reddit users in the comments criticising the Good American founder and questioning what exactly her costume is supposed to be.

“Can someone fill me in on this mess? Khloe, a pimp?,” one asked.

“This picture comes up so often and I’m shook every single time. The fact that EVERYONE thought this was a good idea is wild,”another wrote.

A third person added: “This is actually one of the worst things I’ve ever seen a celebrity do.”

Some Reddit users emphasised that no matter how many times they see this photo, there wouldn’t be a proper “justification” as to why Kardashian chose that Halloween costume.

However, other people explained why they thought that the image shouldn’t keep resurfacing and that fans should move on from the situation.

“Tbh it’s more embarrassing for the Black Woman in the photo who should’ve just said f*** that to this. I’m certain they would prefer this,” one wrote. “Personally, I’ve seen this enough that I’m happy to forget. Pretty sure Megean Good said she wanted to forget.”

Back in 2019, Meagan addressed the controversial image in an Instagram comment, where she acknowledged how the costume was a “mistake”.

“That one time on Halloween when you were young and dumb,” she wrote, shared via Twitter. “And clearly didn’t think 15 years ahead lol smh. Welp, mistakes were made.”

In January, a clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where the reality star allegedly used the N-word, also resurfaced. At the start of the video, which was shared via Twitter, Kardashian addressed how her child, True, and former boyfriends, including her daughter’s father Tristian Thompson, are black.

“Hashtag fact, my baby is Black,” she said. “Hashtag I only like Black c***. That’s what I would say.”

During the conversation with her sister, Kim Kardashian, and mother, Kris Jenner, Kardashian allegedly went on to use the N-word, which got blurred out during the show, before sharing some of the insults that she has been called.

On Twitter, one viewer, Stephanie Sidley, reacted to the clip and noted how she created a petition to cancel The Kardashians, which aired in April.

“Dear @hulu,” she wrote. “If you continue to enable the Kardashian family and give them a platform, I will cancel your service. I will never condone racism or bullying the way the Kardashian/Jenner family continues to perpetuate.”

In the description of the petition, Sidley claims that the Kardashian-Jenner clan “have continued to perpetuate racism and bullying of young girls,” throughout their 20 years on KUWTK. She also explained instances where the family appeared to behave in a racist manner, as she included the viral image of Kardashian’s Halloween costumes.

“This family needs to be taken off the air before more young girls hurt themselves or even worse,” the petition’s description reads. “How many people have to contemplate suicide for this family to be stopped? If Hulu continues to give them a platform, we must boycott and cancel service.”

The Independent has contacted a representative of Kardashian for comment.

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