New Jersey Township Sees Two Porsches Stolen

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Thieves are definitely on the hunt…

We keep warning people to secure their cars what with so many thieves on the prowl these days. That’s especially important if you have something valuable, which can include Porsches. A 911 and Macan were stolen in the wee morning hours on the same day in the same township in New Jersey, which should be a reminder to everyone to stay vigilant.

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According to Baristanet, Montclair Police Department received the two stolen vehicle reports on May 1. In the incident involving the Porsche 911, the owner heard it start while it was sitting in his driveway and saw the thief reversing down the driveway, then over a line of small trees and shrubs before fleeing. In other words, these thieves aren’t great drivers but they can still swipe your ride.


As for the Porsche Macan, it’s implied the crossover was stolen while the owner was asleep. Neither report mentions the thieves breaking into the house to grab the keys, so obviously a device was used to unlock and start the Porsches.

What troubles us is these people who own newer (model year 2022 and 2021) Porsches are in the habit of parking them in their driveway overnight. Perhaps they don’t have a garage, but we doubt that’s the case.

If you have a garage and own even a mundane car, parking it inside is a tremendous guard against the possibility of theft. The main reason is the vehicle is then out of sight.

We should caution yet again that garage door openers aren’t foolproof security devices and in fact are rather easy to defeat. So you might want to consider physically securing the track at night or otherwise manually locking down the opener so nobody can hack it.

Vigilance pays off these days.

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