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Innovative Youth Employment Program Solves Need for Temporary Foreign Workers

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 13, 2016) - Hiring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) is a political and PR minefield - especially in a climate of high youth unemployment. That's why industries that depend on seasonal labour have been turning to Mobilize Jobs, an innovative youth employment program that uses motivated Canadian millennials to fill labour shortages.

"With recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, we've realized that Canadian youth are an untapped resource," says Benjamin Guth, founder of Mobilize. "We know millennials today require something completely different from a traditional job. They want an experience and a job where they can build skills. They want to travel, have fun, have an adventure - and they want something they don't have to organize themselves. So they are a natural fit with seasonal jobs that have traditionally gone to TFWs."

The Mobilize Jobs program is becoming incredibly popular with young Canadians because it meets those needs. It matches unemployed millennials with jobs in industries that used to depend on foreign labour, giving them all the benefits they're looking for, while supplying Canadian businesses with a steady source of motivated labour.

The biggest draw of the program is the travel. Mobilize doesn't try to get BC youth to apply for BC jobs - there's no excitement in that. But young people from Alberta or the Maritimes are more likely to consider a seasonal adventure in Ontario cottage country or in the Rockies for its sheer adventure factor - and the opportunity to learn on the job. And when it's all organized for them and their housing is thrown in, it's even more appealing.

The Mobilize program takes care of all hiring and payroll tasks, provides housing, and groups employees into team "pods" that live and work together for the duration of their Mobilize experience. They can sign up for six months or a full year - the level of commitment is flexible.

The employment marketplace is changing, and temporary foreign workers aren't the catch-all solution they used to be. Companies who are finding innovative ways to match youth who need jobs with work opportunities that engage them are poised to lead the Canadian workforce in an exciting new direction.

About Mobilize

Mobilize is a new staffing model that works on a rotational placement basis, providing tourism, hospitality and food services businesses with a continuous supply of staff. It's a structured program that provides youth with full-time, paid work over consecutive seasonal placements. Mobilizers rotate to different locations for summer and winter, working with a different business each time, and gain valuable experience in a variety of roles. The program arranges everything from placement to training to housing. Participating businesses always have motivated workers, and millennials build skills and experience different parts of Canada.

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