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Ineos Fusilier Is a Smaller Throwback 4x4 with EV or Hybrid Power

ineos fusilier
Ineos Fusilier Is a 4x4 with EV or Hybrid PowerIneos
  • Ineos revealed the Fusilier, a new SUV with either hybrid or EV power.

  • It is smaller than the Grenadier and uses a different platform.

  • Ineos says it will go on sale in 2027, though limited specs are available as of now.

Although the Ineos Grenadier is only just reaching U.S. customers, and the closely related Quartermaster pickup is yet to be launched, the newly minted SUV maker is releasing another new model. The Fusilier will be offered as both an EV and also as a plug-in hybrid with a range-extender powertrain, and it will be going on sale in 2027.

As these first images make clear, the Fusilier’s design follows on closely from that of the boxy Grenadier, a car that was inspired by the looks of the original Land Rover Defender. It has been given a more aerodynamic shape, including a smoother front end and a shallower windshield angle. Ineos also say that the production version will have active radiator grille shutters.

ineos fusilier

The Fusilier will be smaller than the Grenadier, with its 178 inch length measuring 13 inches shorter. It will no longer use a ladder frame chassis. Instead, it will sit on what is being described as a "battery skateboard," with the structure above this combining steel and aluminum. The Fusilier will be built by Magna in Austria, the contract manufacturer that builds the Mercedes G-Class, Jaguar I-Pace, and Fisker Ocean. Magna also did the engineering for the French-built Grenadier.


The Fusilier is basically an EV, with power delivered by an electric motor on each axle. But the company will also offer a range-extender version that will use an onboard gasoline engine as a generator to recharge the battery on the move. There will be no direct mechanical drive between the engine and the wheels. It is a similar principle as GM applied in the long-dead Chevrolet Volt and BMW in the range-extender i3. While most of the rest of the auto industry has moved beyond this ‘series hybrid’ layout, it will enable the Fusilier to be used in parts of the world without reliable electricity supply.

ineos fusilier

Ineos has not released any details of the gasoline engine for the range-extender, but we expect it will come from an established automaker; the Grenadier uses BMW six-cylinder powerplants. The battery pack will be made in Hungary, with insiders saying the Fusilier is targeting a 248 mile range as an EV under Europe’s WLTP test cycle. If delivered, that will likely mean EPA numbers of only around 200 miles. The range-extender’s battery will be around two thirds the size of that in the full EV, so it will still have substantial electric-only range.

Although Ineos says the Fusilier will still be designed to offer high levels of off-road ability, it also seems to be targeting lifestyle users looking for a vehicle that will be easier to live with. One telling difference is the loss of the Grenadier’s recirculating ball steering for a more conventional rack and pinion system.

More details and pricing will be revealed as the Fusilier gets closer to introduction.

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