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Iconosys® Receives Trademark Protection for: Word Bully®, the Cyberbully/Text-Bully Prevention App as Featured in Boston Globe, FOX, NBC, and International Media

Iconosys adds the Word Bully® trademark to its coveted catalog of registered trademarks, joining Zombie Slasher®, Trick or Tracker®, Text Kills®, and Drive Reply®

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. - Today, Iconosys, Inc., a leading developer of over 1000 family safety, lifestyle, and entertainment Smartphone apps (including the ever popular Trick or Tracker® and Drive Reply® apps), is pleased to announce the formal registration of its trademark, Word Bully®, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This registration adds to the company’s growing portfolio of intellectual property, further protecting Iconosys’ well established brands, technologies, as well as the company’s related apps, websites, merchandise, and licensing agreements. Simultaneously, Iconosys also received registered trademark status for Iconosys®.

Defined as the use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner, the practice of “cyberbullying” has become more common in society, particularly among young people, legislation and awareness campaigns have arisen to combat it. See Wikipedia, “Cyberbullying.” And as a result of the extensive, if not pervasive, use of texting among teenagers using Smartphones and other mobile communication devices, a new type of cyberbullying has emerged, known as text-bullying. In fact, a recent study conducted by Marion Underwood, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, showed that 7% of texts between teens contain profane language. The same study also revealed that teens tend to show little or no concern as to whether others can or will read their text messages, which leads to their incorrect (and dangerous) assumptions that there are no consequences for inappropriate texting behavior. With this in mind, Iconosys and its Word Bully® technology combats this problem by shifting the power to control the content and tone of a these text messages to parents, guardians and/or local authorities (e.g. police, school officials), each of whom want to protect children and teen texters from profane, inappropriate, life-threatening, terrorist, and bullying language.

Word Bully® was recently named by Tech Reviews as one of the “best apps for tackling bullying,” and Iconosys views its securing this trademark protection from the USTPO as a key strategic step forward in its program to safeguard and protect its significant intellectual property. Indeed, with a recent study showing that as many as 25% of teenagers have experienced at least one instance of cyber-bullying (see Cyberbullying Resource Center at and with the public’s attention focused on tragic, and sometimes catastrophic, acts of violence at our schools, the importance of obtaining a trademark for such a product can hardly be overstated.

About Word Bully®
Word Bully® is a Smartphone app that allows parents to customize a filter for profanity, vulgar or threatening language, and other offensive communications received through mobile devices. When a text message triggers the Word Bully filter, a copy of the text is automatically sent to the monitoring parent (or authority), with the result that the app documents and archives the text-bullying communication with key technical information as it relates to the sender, the senders location, dates, times, and key threats.
Word Bully also features the ability to track the position of the user’s phone or mobile device, using the built in GPS; as a result, at any given time, a concerned parent or guardian, or for that matter, the police or other local authorities, can reliably, and in real time, retrieve the location of the child, teen or other victim of text-bullying. And this non-intrusive app runs in the background on the device and can be easily enabled and disabled using a parental-controlled password. The app is currently available for Android phones, with an iOS version in the works.

“Bullying has received much media attention recently and continues to be a national issue that needs to be addressed. Along with other types of cyberbullying, the problem of text-bullying has risen to almost epidemic proportions in our schools, where it seems like every student has a cell phone,” observed Ryan Foland, Iconosys COO and founder of Bully Buster USA™.”
Word Bully® is available for Android OS devices and can be downloaded for a limited time from and for $2.99 for a lifetime license. The app regularly sells for $5.99.

Word Bully® and Iconosys® are registered trademarks of Iconosys, Inc.

About Iconosys®, Inc.:
Iconosys, a member of the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) and a partner to Bullycide and We Save, is also the maker of the widely used and well publicized anti-bully and family safety apps Word Bully®, Trick or Tracker®, and Drive Reply®. Iconosys also develops games, such as the recently registered trademark app Zombie Slasher®. Iconosys creates technologies and technology-driven products for its clients with a goal toward designing apps that enrich and enhance our day-to-day lives and ultimately make them safer. In all, Iconosys has developed a catalog of over 1000 smart device apps and related technologies for iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Android OS Smartphones and tablet computers since its founding in 2009, approximately 100 which directly pertain to family safety and welfare related uses. Iconosys is also the official app developer for Delmonte Fresh (NYSE:FDP) and hundreds of other clients world-wide. The company is 10% owned by the public company Monster Arts, Inc. (MONT).

Iconosys and the Iconosys founded grass roots and outreach organization Text Kills® are each listed on the United States Federal Communications Commissions’ (FCC) Distracted Driving Information Clearinghouse Website at:

About Bully Buster USA™:

Bully Buster USA™ was formed by Iconosys COO Ryan Foland with the intention and objective of utilizing technology and education to help fight bullies. The organization is dedicated to the cause of eliminating bullying of all types, including cyber-bullying and text-bullying, in our schools and among our youth by raising awareness through holding workshops, engaging in education, and promoting technological advancements. In addition, Bully Buster USA™ works closely with the anti-texting-while-driving community outreach group Text Kills®. More information can be found by visiting and

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